2k row 9.1.2018

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Bindi’s Chart

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My Experience with CCT and BDC

The Good… The Bad… The Ugly

The goal of the following post is to share my experience and to bring awareness and expectations to those who want to spend their hard earned money in their dream truck.

It’s been a month since I’ve had my truck back and little things have been popping up.

I am not a mechanic, that’s why I paid someone to do the work. I expected the person whom I am paying to take pride in their work and to not take advantage of anyone.

Unfortunately, my experience with CCT fell a little short. I think they’re great guys but they have a lot to learn about customer service and especially quality assurance. All they needed to do was to respond to my emails and check behind the work being done.

This is not a personal attack, this post is about my personal experience and from what I have heard I am not the only one. I reached out to Frank Sanchez because I had heard he had issues. Plus we both had similar work done to our trucks.

I can’t remember how I found them but I was exited to learn they were in my state, a 90min drive from Atlanta. 2 hours if you’re in your stock 3speed HMMWV at 55mph, HA!!

When I arrived at his shop I shared with him that I wanted to get it painted and add some creature comforts. We agreed upon the work and price so I decided to leave it up there. He warned me that he was backed up. That was May 15, 2017 and he said it would be done by October 2017. Well… I didn’t get it back until February 23rd, 2018. 9months and 6 days.

I left him with some money, not all because I wanted to have a balance because I’ve dealt with contractors before. 

Needless to say I was super mega patient with him. But he still did a rush job on some items. As a matter of fact, Frank Sanchez told me he dropped off his truck in August and got it back in November. That’s right!! He dropped it off later and got it earlier. SMH

There are a lot of good things about his work but that should be the standard.


Satisfaction Scale of 1 to 5

(5 being very satisfied – ★★★☆☆)

  • Speed liner and Paint: Black $3,100 – ★★★★☆ (some of the paint is peeling)
  • AC System by Red Dot: $5,500 – ★★★☆☆ (issues with fan switch)
  • Hard Top: $5,550 – ★★★★★
  • 4 Hard X Doors: $3,000 (painted to match) – ★★★★☆ (bad paint job, missing springs, and rod fell off)
  • Interior Upgrade: $4,550 – ★★★★☆ (a sub and amp would have been nice to have)
    • Radio, carpet, 12v accessory plug-ins, Braum Leather Seats (these are awesome!), and iPad cradle shelf)
  • Snorkel: $225 – ★★★★☆ (needs a bracket to secure and reduce shaking in the wind)
  • New Gauges: $400 – ★★★★☆ (would have been nice if they included a new back light kit)
  • Keyed Ignition: $125 – ★★★★★
  • Locking Door Handles: $225 – ★★★★☆ (they used hardware that is now rusting)
  • 4 speed transmission: $4,500 – ★★★★★
  • LED Headlights, signals, markers, and tail lights: $700 – ★★★★☆ (lack of no load flasher module)
  • Baja Rear Rack and Tire Carrier: $1,700 – ★★★★★
  • D Ring Brush Guard: $1,400 – ★★★★★
  • Mayhem Rims and Tires (5): $2,300 – ★★★★★

Customer Service and Quality

  • Communication – ★☆☆☆☆
  • Value – ★★★★☆
  • Quality of Workmanship – ★★★☆☆
  • Attention to Detail – ★★☆☆☆
  • Lead Time – ★☆☆☆☆
  • Salesmanship – ★★★★☆
  • Likability – ★★★★★
  • Live up to expectation – ★★★☆☆
  • Response – ★☆☆☆☆


Bad/low Grade Bolts used on the AC Compressor. I took it up to him at his new place. He was not there so I showed the broken bolts to Greg and showed him where they came from. He immediately said, “That Danielle!! He’s done this before and we have the proper Grade A bolts”. I thought to myself. That’s messed up. This guy admitted to me that he’s done this before. When I brought it up to Matt he shrugged it off.

Fan Switch problem with the Red Dot AC Heater unit. The fan control was not working as it should. Low was High, Medium was Medium, High was High, and Off was High. I would say this is a Red Dot problem but I’d expect that a Dealer of Red Dot that they would insist on a fix.

I contacted Red Dot and they responded the same day with 3 possible solutions. I emailed Paul and Matt and they didn’t respond. I took it up there and I don’t think they paid it any attention. They claim to have tried all solutions but none of them worked. I mean… Call Red Dot and get it fixed. I spent $5,500 for this to work correct!!

X Doors Track. One of the doors window kept falling down. I looked at it and the track was upside down. I took it back and they fixed it. Its a hassle to drive 90min every time there is something wrong but so far they’ve fixed things that have come up.

Missing Items delivered my truck to them with an antenna mount, pioneer kit, black out light, and brush guard. The antenna mount was added on after and he charged me for it. The brush guard, I wanted it back to sell on the open market but he “threw it away”. He also “threw away” the black out light for which I had to buy a new one from Mike Vaden for $95. He “threw away” the Pioneer Tool Kit. I had to insist on keeping the 4 run flat military tires. Really wish they would have done a better job of keeping track of things.

No Load Flash Module. For $700 for an all around LED kit that did not include the no load flasher module. He even mentioned that it would need it but it was not included. Cost $219 from Levine Auto and Truck Parts. Solves the issue of the turn signals randomly not working properly.


4 Gang Switch. For some reason they chose not to connect the courtesy light for being able to locate the switches in the dark. I think they will fix this if I take it back. Again, the time and hassle to drive 90min/180min to and from.

Rusting. There are a lot of places that for some reason they decided to use improper hardware that is already showing rust.

Water Coming in when it rains. Water comes in from the door and runs down the inside front and lands on the base board. Every time it rains there’s a puddle on both sides, driver and passenger.

The Ugly

This part is pretty much about the unknown issues that has nothing to do with CCT. The nature of the beast, sort of speak. Items, usually mechanically, that pop up due to the age and trying to add comforts and newer technology.

Smart Box. This is responsible for regulating the glow plugs and starting the diesel engine.


Expensive add ons. Back up camera and lights!! DIY!!! I asked CCT how much to add a back up camera and they quote $480!! Did it under $50. Thank you Amazon, patience and elbow grease.

Exhaust Leak. While driving on the highway around 65mph all of a sudden I heard another layer of engine noise. Bad luck I suppose.

General Mechanical Overhaul. Took the truck to Mike Vaden’s Black Dog Customs to look over the truck to make sure mechanically it was sound. He inspected the parts that would typically go bad and suggested others. I had him to do everything he recommended. More than I wanted to spend but well spent for my peace of mind.

Personal Note: Mike Vaden did a fantastic job. Very well respected in the HMMWV community. I would recommend his shop to anyone who wants to restore or update their HMMWV.




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Doggie Poop Bags

I love my doggie and love to take her out for walks. It never fails, I can take Bindi, my American Staffordshire Terrier Box mix, out back in the morning to potty. Minutes later I can take her for a walk and she poops again!!!

I clean up after her. But it’s always bothers me that I am putting something biodegradable into a plastic bag that will take eons to decompose. I don’t get it!!

I usually use the bag as a glove and grab the poop and through it into bushes where no one could possible see or smell it unless they were trying to.

I googled it but most of the results were for buying biodegradable bags.

I found this little tid bit: Here are a few bags that meet standards for effective biodegradation, so long as they’re disposed of properly: … BioBag Pet Waste Bags are made out of a resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers, and break down completely in the right conditions.

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Replace Flasher Module on HMMWV

Love my truck even though some creature comforts are missing. Little by little things keep popping up. No surprise because it’s from 1991 and trying to update it sometimes causes some issues. The HMMWV is very analog. Meaning very little electrical. 

One of the items I had Custom Combat Trucks to do is to update the light, for $700. Head lamps, break lights, turn signals, and side markers to LED.

The lights looked great and worked except one day I noticed the pace of the blinker flash got very slow, even to a stop (solid on). It was raining hard so I thought maybe some moisture got somewhere and made it not work properly. Then on a dry day it happened again. 

After posting this issue on one of the HMMWV FaceBook groups people told me I need to update the flasher module because the LED draws too little power. A No Load Flasher Module by Truck Lite to be exact. Mike Vaden from Black Dog Customs, confirmed that and gave me the name of Pete Levine from Levin Auto and Truck Parts.

I had seen other posts and a part around $50 but I was warned that those don’t work 100%. So I decided to go with the one Mike Vaden recommended. It was not cheap $219!!!

Picture of the old and new flasher module

I put together a video detailing things


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DIY Camera and Lights!!

Had a lot of work done on my 1991 HMMWV at Custom Combat Trucks

I asked them in the final stages to add a back up camera but their cost was too much, $490!!!

Very frustrating because I did not imagine it would be so much. So I decided to do the work myself. The easy part was buying the 2 important items, the camera and the lights. The next thing was to make sure I have the proper tools and materials. I had pretty much all the tools but I did need a dryer with heat tubes and some connectors.

First I had to drill some holes to bolt the camera and lights in place in place. Once I secure the camera and lights, then came the wiring. Powering the camera and lights is easy as long as you make sure you know what lines are positive (Red wire) and negative (Black wire). I learned that the negative, black wire, was for ground. I could have attached it anywhere on the frame but I decided to attach them to the fuse block.

I ran black and red wires from the lights along with the black, red, and yellow (video) wires from the camera along the left side of the rear wheel well underneath between the fuel tank and frame until I got to an opening directly underneath the dog house CCT had installed.

Once the wires were in I wired the camera and monitor leads directly to the fuse block so it would turn on as soon as the ignition switch turned on. The LED light leads I ran to the 4 gang circuit switch so I could control the lights manually.

Total cost for the camera and lights were less thank $50!!!

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U Haul Denial

I was renting a car transport trailer to take my 1968 Camaro to a shop in Hampton, Georgia.

While waiting in line there was an older African American lady trying to rent their largest and cheapest box van for the advertised rate for $19.99 per day plus miles.

It was taking a minute because she was paying cash and giving the U-Haul lady her information. The old lady let it slip that she was moving tires. That’s when the U-Haul attendant immediately with out hesitation told her she could not rent her the truck.

She continued to explain that people have been renting their trucks to move used tires and instead of properly disposing them they were just leaving them in the truck for U-Haul to deal with.

Unbelievable!! “People are the worst”, as my girlfriend says!!

I felt bad for the old lady but once I heard the reason I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she will dispose of them properly?

I was next in line and already had a reservation so the attendant had me to follow him outside to hook up the trailer. I casually told him I felt bad for her and he immediately said, “Don’t! She’s one of those people!” He continued to say, they get the money but don’t do it the right way.

“People are the worst!!” – Bex


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Delivery day of my HMMWV!!! #cct #exmilitaryvehicle

Delivery day of my HMMWV!!! #cct #exmilitaryvehicle

After 9 month and seven days Custom Combat Trucks FINALLY have completed my truck!!

Before and After:



Here is what I had done along with the prices

  • Cost of the truck $14,500
  • Custom Combat Trucks
    • Speed liner and Paint: Black $3,100
    • AC System by Red Dot: $5,500
    • Hard Top: $5,550
    • 4 Hard X Doors: $3,000 (painted to match)
    • Interior Upgrade: $4,550
      • Radiom carpet, 12v accessory plu-ins, Braum Leather  Seats, and iPad cradle shelf)
    • Snorkel: $225
    • New Gauges: $400
    • Keyed Ignition: $125
    • Locking Door Handles: $225
    • 4 speed transmission: $4,500
    • LED Headlights, signals, markers, and tail lights: $700
    • Baja Rear Rack and Tire Carrier: $1,700
    • D Ring Brush Guard: $1,400
    • Mayhem Rims and Tires (5): $2,300
    • Discount: -$250
  • Sub Total: $33,125
  • GRAND TOTAL: $47,525 all in
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Home WOD 2017-12-26

500m row

For time:

30 clean and jerks @ 75

Results: 4:06

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Home WOD 2017-12-26

500m row


deadlift @ 135

ring rows

result: 9:46

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