Busted pipe at sprinkle in ground pipe

Around August 15, 2016 I came home to find a river of water coming from the front right of my home between my property and my neighbors. I didn’t think anything of it. Little did I know it was my water line.

I messaged my neighbor and he said he didn’t have a sprinkler system. I do but when I turned it on it only came from the front center of my home. I saw sprinkler head off to the right between my home and my neighbors.

I traced to leak to 2 in ground boxes that housed a valve. I stuck my found the handle and shut it off and voila! No more water leak. I can only assume that valve feeds my sprinkler system.

My water bill is always the minimum, $37.85. The next months bill was $1,803.95!!!

Clearly it was my issue to resolve.

I downloaded the for necessary to submit to the City of Atlanta. The Water Service Adjustment Request form. I ended up filling it out, wrote a statement of what happened along with pictures and a copy of my bill. I faxed it and am planning on mailing it.

On the form it has 1 address and number but on the webs

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