Bending the rules

I for the most part have always followed rules. The most annoying thing is when I see people who bend or break them and get a way with it. Rules are to make sure everyone is on a level playing field. I totally subscribe to that.

But there are times that I have personally bent or broken the rules out of necesity. First and foremost, I follow them but if the outcome is unfairly denied then I will proceed to bend them. 

Case in point.

I purchased a 4 camera nvr system for my home in November 2016. Besides 1 camera having a “halo” during the night the system worked as described. Then one day, the cameras were randomly and intermittently going offline. I checked the connections and all the lights were on. 

I emailed their technical support on April 9th explaining to them the situation ad a day later I received a response requesting more information. I provided them the information and a day later received a duplicate email requesting more information. I resent it and now it’s the 18th and still haven’t heard from them with a solution.

Meanwhile, I ordered another system from Amazon. Exchanged the NVR and 1 defective camera. Packed everything back up and requested a return. I did put the reason for the return so they wouldn’t resell it as an open box.

Several days later, I have yet to hear from their technical support.

Was I out of line? Should I be at the mercy of their technical support. The system is less than 6 months old. I paid good money towards a system to work.

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