U Haul Denial

I was renting a car transport trailer to take my 1968 Camaro to a shop in Hampton, Georgia.

While waiting in line there was an older African American lady trying to rent their largest and cheapest box van for the advertised rate for $19.99 per day plus miles.

It was taking a minute because she was paying cash and giving the U-Haul lady her information. The old lady let it slip that she was moving tires. That’s when the U-Haul attendant immediately with out hesitation told her she could not rent her the truck.

She continued to explain that people have been renting their trucks to move used tires and instead of properly disposing them they were just leaving them in the truck for U-Haul to deal with.

Unbelievable!! “People are the worst”, as my girlfriend says!!

I felt bad for the old lady but once I heard the reason I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she will dispose of them properly?

I was next in line and already had a reservation so the attendant had me to follow him outside to hook up the trailer. I casually told him I felt bad for her and he immediately said, “Don’t! She’s one of those people!” He continued to say, they get the money but don’t do it the right way.

“People are the worst!!” – Bex


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