DIY Camera and Lights!!

Had a lot of work done on my 1991 HMMWV at Custom Combat Trucks

I asked them in the final stages to add a back up camera but their cost was too much, $490!!!

Very frustrating because I did not imagine it would be so much. So I decided to do the work myself. The easy part was buying the 2 important items, the camera and the lights. The next thing was to make sure I have the proper tools and materials. I had pretty much all the tools but I did need a dryer with heat tubes and some connectors.

First I had to drill some holes to bolt the camera and lights in place in place. Once I secure the camera and lights, then came the wiring. Powering the camera and lights is easy as long as you make sure you know what lines are positive (Red wire) and negative (Black wire). I learned that the negative, black wire, was for ground. I could have attached it anywhere on the frame but I decided to attach them to the fuse block.

I ran black and red wires from the lights along with the black, red, and yellow (video) wires from the camera along the left side of the rear wheel well underneath between the fuel tank and frame until I got to an opening directly underneath the dog house CCT had installed.

Once the wires were in I wired the camera and monitor leads directly to the fuse block so it would turn on as soon as the ignition switch turned on. The LED light leads I ran to the 4 gang circuit switch so I could control the lights manually.

Total cost for the camera and lights were less thank $50!!!

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