Replace Flasher Module on HMMWV

Love my truck even though some creature comforts are missing. Little by little things keep popping up. No surprise because it’s from 1991 and trying to update it sometimes causes some issues. The HMMWV is very analog. Meaning very little electrical. 

One of the items I had Custom Combat Trucks to do is to update the light, for $700. Head lamps, break lights, turn signals, and side markers to LED.

The lights looked great and worked except one day I noticed the pace of the blinker flash got very slow, even to a stop (solid on). It was raining hard so I thought maybe some moisture got somewhere and made it not work properly. Then on a dry day it happened again. 

After posting this issue on one of the HMMWV FaceBook groups people told me I need to update the flasher module because the LED draws too little power. A No Load Flasher Module by Truck Lite to be exact. Mike Vaden from Black Dog Customs, confirmed that and gave me the name of Pete Levine from Levin Auto and Truck Parts.

I had seen other posts and a part around $50 but I was warned that those don’t work 100%. So I decided to go with the one Mike Vaden recommended. It was not cheap $219!!!

Picture of the old and new flasher module

I put together a video detailing things


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