Back Up Generator Options

When Irma hit and I was with out power I had my 2,000 watt portable generator powering my refrigerator, tv’s, and chargers. 



  • $500 used Generac from Craigslist that I purchased about 5 years ago for camping.
  • Extension cords
  • 2 1 gallon gas tanks


  • Super cheap alternative


  • Small gas tank, 1 gallon. Last about 4-6hours depending on load
  • Had to pull the refrigerator out
  • Extension cords running every where.

But it worked!!


This was the solution I did.


  • Manual Transfer Switch 6 circuit: $279 @ Home Depot
    • There are other transfer switches that have more circuits.
    • But the more circuits the higher the cost. There’s an 8, 10, 20 etc…
  • 7,000 running watt generator Ryobi: $999 @ Home Depot
  • Electrician to do the hook up: $450
  • TOTAL: $1,807.92 tax included


  • When power goes out
    • Take generator outside
    • Plug it in
    • Turn on generator
    • Switch from LINE to GEN
  • Power for 10 hours
  • Not expensive
  • You can choose which circuits to power (6).
    • Basement Furnace
    • Unfinished Basement (internet and satellite)
    • Master Bed (TV and Lights)
    • Refrigerator
    • Family Room (TV, PS4, DirecTV)
    • Dining Rom, Foyer, Front Porch and Flood Lights (Lights for the front of the house)
    • I can remove the panel and change the configuration if I need to.


  • Doesn’t power the entire house, just the essentials
  • I have to refill the gas every 10 hours
  • Someone could steal the generator if I don’t secure it, but I will.
  • Calculating Amps needed is a challenge


I found this guy who offers full service automatic transfer to your whole house!!


  • Your whole house is powered
  • Power goes out and you wait 15 seconds then power is restored.
  • It’s hooked up to your natural gas line


  • Very expensive!!

Hello Ruben! After you add tax and shipping I believe we beat Home Depot’s pricing. Take a look. Regardless we can help you install one from Home Depot. I will give Doug your number to discuss the details. Thank you for your interest. Doug will get back with you asap. Feel free to give him a ring. 

1 A/C unit, electric or gas water heater under 2,000 Sq. Ft.=11kw
2 A/C units, electric or gas water heater 2,000-3000 Sq. Ft.=16kw
3 A/C units, electric or gas water heater 2,500+ Sq. Ft.=22kw

The price’s here include the generator, automatic smart transfer switch with built in load shedding capability, concrete pad, battery and complete installation including all materials and labor as well as connecting the gas line.

This is for a standard installation within 25′ of the electrical meter and gas connection.

11kw $6,050
16kw $6,950
22kw $7,900

Please give me a call, I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you! 

Doug McQuillen, President
Alternate Power Solutions, Inc.
Office (770)345-8750
Cell    (770)853-7571


I am free to help answer any questions!!!!

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