Solostove Bonfire Maiden Voyage

Decided to finally use my solo stove Bonfire unit this evening after the Georgia Florida game which Georgia won. Go Dawgs!!

I placed it outside in my existing fire pit which has some stones as a bed and a nice stone block border.

I always use a fire starter with some kindling and then I add logs that I bought from a grocery store, Publix.

It took a minute because I wasn’t sure how much wood to add. Then I noticed I had the top ring upside down. Once I corrected the ring the fire started to increase and I added as much wood as it could fit. 

The wood that comes from the grocery store are pretty big. I tried to split them with a hand ax but couldn’t get the leverage on the ground and didn’t want to use the stone pad because I was afraid to damage it so I just through them in there whole.

Once going the Bonfire SoloStove did great!! I ran out of wood if not I would have kept it going.

Can’t wait to use it again!!

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