Before and After Pics

I am a little frustrated because I started dieting and CrossFit on January 31, 2011. The BTB45 challenge started on the 8th of March. I know for sure I would have blown everyone away even with these results. I am hoping to lose more weight (body fat), gain more muscle and look better after 45 days.

I weighed about 235lbs. Today I weighed myself at 207.5lbs. In addition to the weight loss who knows how many inches I lost. My jeans are no longer tight. I have a belt that I am going to use to show how many inches off my waist I have lost.

BTB45 – Day 1

The wrong time to start a challenge/diet but I made it. Came out to the Beau Rivage in Biloxi with the boys for some golf and gambling.

Since I had to order all my meals this is what I ate.

Breakfast – Cracker Barrel (Double Meat)

Fajitas: Chicken, Steak, and Shrimp

12oz Lobster and 8 oz Filet (I did not use the butter)



Three’s Company

Took a break today, I think I might do the same tomorrow. Well, it’s 2 weeks until the Three’s Company competition in the Garage Games and I am doing some research – Saturday, March 19, 2011

Though the WOD’s will be kept secret for now, there will be an AMRAP a triplet and a couplet.

So far there are the movements:

  • Squat Clean – 165#/115# -RX 115#/75# -Scaled
  • Pull-ups – Chest to Bar (below clavicle) -RX Below Chin -Scaled (other scaled options are allowed, but no contention for winning)
  • Rowing – YES – C2 is BACK with 17 more rowers!
  • Double Unders -RX Single sub -Scaled = 3:1
  • Rope Climb -RX Get some minimal distance up a rope -Scaled
  • Squat Snatch/Thrusters – 95#/65# -RX 65#/45# -Scaled
  • Bonus WOD – movement for RX only, TBA

I am definitely doing scaled.

They provided a nice video to show the expectations of the movements. (I am glad they did)

Three’s Company Movement Standards from CrossFit Dahlonega on Vimeo.

Hoop4hope Tournament

This evening I will be participating in a charity 3 v 3 basketball tournament supporting HOPE international, Canaan Christian Community, and Haiti Nutrition Project at Northside United Methodist Church off of Northside Drive. Tonight is the qualifiers and the finals are tomorrow morning.

I’ve played with the 2 guys that I was paired up and I hope we’re able to pull it off.

Results to come later tonight.

Update: Friday

Tough night. 8 teams and ended up qualifying by winning 3 out of 5. Now ready for finals today