Day 6 – Basketball

Every Sunday a group of us get together at Warren T. Jackson outdoor basketball court to play some friendly ball.

Did ok, still not 100% on my game. I did notice the CrossFit has helped me get a little quicker with faster reaction.

Got a split lip from a steal but overall it was a great sunny day and got some good cardio.


Had an awesome Christmas with the kids. Now I am going to start over. Went to the gym and 45 min of cardio. Gonna try a detox for 3 days. Water, lemon, cayenne pepper, grade b maple syrup.

Let’s see how this works


Ok, I need to loose weight. I am at my heaviest in 10 years. I am 236lbs. clothes are fitting tight. Urg!!! Went to LA Fitness this morning and did about 40 minutes of cardion on an elliptical. Gotta watch my diet.

I’m gonna use this blog to keep me accountable.