I hate customer no-service (Sirius)

Ok, so I really like Sirius Backseat TV because it provides me 3 awesome channels (Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney) I wish it gave me ESPN that would be epic.

Well, I had a message on the screen that said to call to subscribe (assuming my subscritption had ened and I needed to pay for another year) so I called the toll free number on the screen and first off. I HATE THE MENU SYSTEM!!! It never recognizes what I am telling them (phone number). It won’t let me input it via key pad. They ask a billion questions and when I finally get to speak to someone, they freakin ask me the exact same questions again!!!! How stupid is that!!!!

I understand why, the automated menu system tracks who is calling and what for. SImply for logging/tracking purposes for corporate. They failed to share the initial information to the Live person so they have to ask the exact questions again.

Anyway, my issue was never resolved. The first time I called a lady kept referring to the system as BACK STREET when it’s Backseat. An hour later my service was not working so

CALL #2 Went through the horrible menu system again and spoke to another person who said to turn the system off as well as the car (mind you I’m on the highway going 70mph) and he would refresh the signal and in an hour it will run again.

Call # 3 – the next day the system was still not working. So I called a third time and again having to go through their insane menu system that is worth crap. and Finally a competent person answered and knew exactly what to do.

My point is that the menu systems that companies such as Sirius, XM radio, DirecTv, Comcast, and all banks suck because it’s an ordeal just to talk to someone live.