Where did $800k of Stimulus Money Go…

Since 95.5 the beat has changed to news talk 750, I occasionally listen to Neal Boortz. I generally don’t like to listen to talk radio because it usually makes me mad about what is going on in our political system. Quite frankly I don’t trust either side. Everyone has their own agenda but the following clip caught my attention and proves that our government (the best in the world and wouldn’t trade it for any other) does some of the most stupidest things.

The following is an excerpt from his show on 09/15


“Bernstein goes on to say, “It’s a waste of money at a critical time.” Do you hear that? Allowing people to keep money they work for and earn is a “waste.” And what is NOT wasting money? Well … how about using the money these evil rich people earn to fund a genital-washing program in Africa! That’s right .. we need $800,000 of your money so that some kook professor at UCLA can study and teach uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex. Now THAT is what the government calls stimulation!”