Vintage Historical License Plate

Purchased online a Georgia vintage license plate for my 1968 Camaro from for $100.

The Georgia plate is period correct. In order to use it you must visit your local tag office (Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Office) and have them inspect it. Once they approve you sign a MV Authentic Historical Tag Affidavit Form T224 0.



Caffeine and Octane 2019-08-04

Got up at 5am to get ready to meet my boy, Schu who has an awesome 77 Corvette L87, at 5:40 to head towards Perimeter Mall for the monthly Caffeine and Octane car show. There were a lot of obsticals that tried to keep us from getting to the show today. Schu had some electrical issues and could not raise his windows and the rain was really threatening to shut us down. We arrived at 5:57am and waited in line. Meanwhile, Schu found a loose cable that gave him back control of his windows and other important functions. The it drizzled a bit but cleared up. All in all a great cool day for a car show.

Desjoyaux Pools

The Facts:

  • Pool details: 10′ x 20′ (5′ deep) heated salt water pool with stone coping edge and Brazilian IPE wood deck no automatic cover
  • Total Cost: $63,000 (Pool: $40,200 + Deck: $22,800)
  • Palm trees: $2,600
  • Power Bill went up about $50 per month
  • Gas Bill went up, obviously, during the times I’ve used the heater but I cannot put a number to it.
  • Pool service averages about: $270 / month (cleaning, vacuuming, chemicals and salt)
  • Time: 16 month (2/26/16 to 6/30/17). Could have been quicker if I didn’t wait 8 months to decide to go through the NPU process. About 6 months once getting permitted and deck construction.
  • Overall I am extremely happy with adding a pool to my home for my family ‘s enjoyment. It is an a large investment that you may or may not be able to get back if you sold your home.

The system is different from a traditional pool because it has a central filtration system and molded concrete “bowl” with a thick membrane. Supposedly their systems is more energy efficient.

Started this project when I decided that I was going to make East Lake my permanent home. When I bought the house I made sure the back yard was big enough if I ever wanted to add a pool.

I decided to “pool” (pun intended) the trigger and began to call pool companies to get a quote. Unfortunately, most of them did not want work or quote because I was located in City of Atlanta / Dekalb County. The only company that would do the job was Ronald Knelson with Desjoaux Pools, they have a nice show room in Alpharetta.

One of the challenges was that I needed a special exemption (Desjoyaux said variance but that was not correct) because the pool was going to be to the side of the [back] of the house instead of directly behind the house. The rules are you need a “structure”, 4 walls and a roof, between the street and your “recreational structure”. But the work around is to acquire a Special Exemption. Desjoyauux would prepare the paperwork but I would have to do the leg work. If the pool was to be build directly behind the house I would not have needed a special exemption.

The other hurdle was the Deck, I did not include a concrete deck because I was concerned with the City’s standard of permeable surface (allowing rain water to filter into the ground) was going to be a problem. So I decided to go with a wood deck. The problem is I already have a deck that is constructed from Brazilian wood, which is more expensive. In an effort to keep continuity I was forced to use the same material to surround the pool. I could have gone with grass, which looks great, but I didn’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of maintenance. Finding a deck contractor was very hard because they get busy and coordinating them and the pool was a challenge.

Received the quote on 02/26/16 but started the Application for Board of Zoning Adjustment Variances & Special Exemption (link) process on 10/5/16 basically scheduling a hearing with the NPU. I decided to strengthen my case by getting permission from my neighbors and my neighborhood association even though they held no bearing on the NPU boards decision but it was good to have their consent.

On 11/15/16 I received approval from the NPU, Desjoyaux was able to proceed with the permitting process but was not able to start until January 27, 2017 and completed the project on June 30, 2017.

They were very professional and began work. They had some delays due to rain but they began excavating. This is the only hiccup, they did not haul away enough dirt so they had to come back later so the deck had enough spacer ventilation. As mentioned earlier, it was hard to get a deck contractor to work with the timeline but all in all we were able to get it done.

Ceramic Coating

Now that my 1968 Camaro RS has been LS swapped and updated it’s time to give the exterior some TLC.

The paint is not too bad, but it has a lot of swirlies, chips, and a nasty stain on the hood from when the car may have been stored underneath another on a lift.

I went to the July 2019 Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall and met 2 guys, John and Sean. John has a awesome 72 Red and Black Chevelle while Sean has a gorgeous 67 Black Buick. The Buick is ceramic waxed while the Chevelle is ceramic coated.

Check out the rest of my review and experience on the YouTube video below.

Theragun Review

When I first saw this device, I thought it was brilliant. What a great recovery tool!! I have used foam rollers, car buffers, selfie massagers, etc. Then I saw the price! Holy Cow!! I thought to myself that is so expensive!! $600 US!!

Then I thought, surely someone has come up with some attachments to a jig saw, but those were in the $50 – $75 range and I thought… no way!!

I decided to see if I could find one used. So I went to FaceBook Marketplace and voila!! Found one for about $300. I was so excited and arranged to buy it. The guy selling it was a CrossFitter who thought he had a tendon issue on his foot. He discovered it was a bone issue that the massager could not fix so he decided to sell it.

When I met him, we chatted for a minute, then right before we made the transaction he dropped a bomb on me that I should have not overlooked. The NOISE level. It is loud!!! I was so excited that I went ahead and completed the transaction and ignored his disclosure.

Came home and started to use it on my hamstring and inside the house it felt like the loudest power tool ever!!! BUT…. it worked. It felt good in the area I was using it. I had bought the attachment to my Ryobi Jig Saw but it was too heavy and extremely harsh.

Now there’s tons of ads for this type of device and they all boast it is quieter. Theragun also has a quieter model available.

If you find a used one under $200 it’s worth overlooking the noise level. Otherwise, hold out for a quieter model and do your research before you buy. Caveat emptor!!

Here is a video of my review

Caffeine and Octane 2019-07-07

First time going to the show. Didn’t take much pictures but I met 2 awesome guys. Sean who has a 67 Buick and John a 72 Chevelle. John has a clothing line called Street Car Mafia. I bought a shirt from him. Also, They turned me on to Kevin from Atlanta Jax Wax who eventually did a Ceramic Coating. See more about that here