New Addition

2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited with 86,000 miles. Has all the mods:

  • Big tires with Fuel wheels
  • LED front and tail lights
  • LED Bar, Bumper, and Windshield Lights
  • Factory Nav
  • Black Interior
  • Winch
  • Hard top
  • Half doors
  • Superchips (but when I hooked it up it didn’t start, going to trouble shoot it later)

Pulled the trigger on this beauty and luckily it was locally owned. I have been doing research on what I will need to go off roading and some of the things I have seen that I will need are:

  • Tool kit
  • Large jack for convenience
  • Air pump
  • Deflator

Looking forward to summer so I can take the top off and getting to know Jeep heads.

Decided to take her to our family’s property offroading and controlled my drone to follow along.

Scooter Over Uber

I purchased this scooter Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter from Amazon to accompany me when I take my 1968 Camaro to the local car show, Caffeine and Octane the first Sunday of every month.

I use it to go to McDonalds or peruse around the event. Well, it’s come in very handy on several occasions.

Once to come back from dropping off a car at my Garage Storage 1.8 miles away, another when I purchased the 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited from a neighbor who was about 5 miles away and last, today, when my daughter, who was using my pick up truck, dropped it off at the mechanics shop 1.2 miles away then again using it to come home from dropping off the pick up truck at the storage garage.

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Installing a Motion Sensor Wall Switch

For $20 from Lowe’s I bought a Motion Sensor Light Switch and installed it in my 30′ x 45′ metal garage so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth to turn on and off the lights.

Very convenience and energy saving.

Super simple. First you will turn off the breaker that leads to that switch for safety. Then you will have to determine if you need a switch with a NEUTRAL wire. You’re not going to know until you open up the box. Once you know if you need a switch with a NEUTRAL or not you can go to your local hardware store, such as Lowe’s or my favorite Home Depot OR you can order one through Amazon.

Remove the wall plate to expose the existing switch. Detach the wires and then you can connect your new switch which usually will include the connecting threads. Screw into place and cover the switch up VOILA!!

You now have a motion sensor switch that will automatically turn on the lights and turn off automatically once you leave the area. You can set the sensitivity of the detetor and duration of the lights. Usually between 1min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min., and 30 minutes.

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Metal Garage Project

This blog is to go over what I did to add a metal garage workshop to my commercial property.

The video and blog compliment each other.

I am super happy that I contracted everyone myself cutting out the middle mad but there were a couple of things that I could have done better.


Since I wanted to have enough room to have/store at least 4 full size vehicles along with 4 garage bays I figured out that 30′ x 45′ was enough space. See sketch using FloorDesign

On FaceBook there are tons of ads on the Marketplace offering Metal Buildings. I used Universal Metal Buildings from North Carolina.


  • 30′ x 45′ x 12′
  • 3 8′ x 8′ roll up doors
  • 1 10′ x 10′ roll up door
  • 1 36″ x 80″ walk in door
  • Etc… see attached

COST: $14,513.75


They were kind enough to refer me to Jose from Tifton at (229) 326-5550 who pours concrete slabs for them from time to time.

Mistake #1. When I spoke to Jose and told him the size of the building he was confident that we could stick to exactly 30′ x 45′. I should have given myself 1′ of give on each side making it 31′ x 46′.

Mistake #1: I should have had them make it 1/2″ higher than the existing concrete driveway to help with water flow since the grading was slightly sloped.

COST: $7,500 labor and materials ($3,058.56 in concrete)


The delivery and assembly took about 4 weeks from the time the concrete slab was poured. They came in and discovered a couple of problems that they were able to work around.

Problem #1: The slab was not angled properly so there is a gap on one side

Problem #2: The ground was so uneven that they had to cut 8″ off one corner height to make sure it was level

Problem #3: There was 15″ from one point to another diagonally so the structure would be sloped and you can feel it when you’re in it. Not a huge problem.


I contacted my electrician that I had worked with in the past to come in and install a 75w circuit breaker with power drawn from the house and install interior and along with outlets high and next to the roll up door so I could add an automatic opener.

COST: $4,400 (Labor $4,000 Materials $400)

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Overhead Door quoted the sale and installation of 4 wall mounted door openers with app at $3,600


Comcast Please Service Us!!


My brother and I’s 100acre ranch home was once in the boon docks. The closest place to eat and get groceries was about 10 miles in each direction and the only thing available was a land line.

Lately, the area has seen some growth with new construction both residential and commercial. There is a Waffle House, liquor store Subway, Pizza Hut and a Dollar General to grab groceries and other household items that you would need in a pinch.

We’ve always had DirecTV because nothing else was available. Now that streaming has become a thing the only service I am able to get is through a 10g hot spot that I pay Tmobile $40 per month.

I am now petitioning COmcast/Xfinity to please run a line through our community because its now at least 13 residential properties that want better service. The others have DSL through AT&T.

I’ve mapped out where current service is and where it is needed.

One major problem is if you Google Map our addresses the pin does not match where the actual house it at.

Here is the Google Maps with accurate locations

I’ve contacted Comcast via their website and did get a Service Request started but this was the result:

Then I tried again late last year:

Now I have resorted to talking to my neighbors and getting them on board which allowed me to map things out to let Comcast know that they are missing easily $1,000 per month in new revenue. I have even resorted to mailing them a letter once a week until something happens. I just hope I have the correct address.

* U P D A T E *

I received a response through Twitter and now I have to talk to my neighbors and get them to each call and submit a “Serviceability Request”

* U P D A T E 2020-01-21 *

FEBRUARY 6, 2020

YES!! Received a call from Charles Tim Sean from Comcast at (404) 617-3468 and I spoke to Tim and copied him on this blog post for more information.

Why I prefer the GoPro Session 5 over the 7 Black

In my quest to learn how to v-blog with ease I have played around with a number of cameras. My old school Sony Handycam HDR-CX440 was my preferred choice until I bought some GoPro cameras.

My first GoPro was screen less then I bought a Session 4 and on a trip to Puerto Rico where I forgot my GoPro I purchased a Session 5. Now I have a 7 Black but before then I purchased the DJI Osmo Pocket.

The Osmo Pocket is a fantastic piece of hardware with a 3 axis gible and a small form factor. But to me its very sensitive and difficult to operate when I am not the subject.

So I reverted back to my Session 4 when I go on my trips. It’s small, waterproof but lacks image stabilization. That’s where the 5 comes in. It was the first unit to have image stabilization but now the 7 is the mack daddy of them all. It has near bible like steadiness.

My hesitation is that I am not used to the larger size. The Session was 1″ cubed and I had to do was point in the general direction and it gave me the general view I was looking for. But the 7 Black is too technologically advanced to ignore. But it has its downfalls. You have to take off the frame mount to access the charging port and sd card slot.

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Cars Passing in Turning Lane

One of my biggest Pet Peeve’s is when others feel like their time is more important than yours. There is no better evidence of this than on Glenwood Ave in East Atlanta. It’s a 3 lane road with the middle lane used for turning but people use it for passing all the time.

Most time I end up meeting the people who pass me at the stop light but today they did it to avoid stopping at the stop light, but guess what??? The light only held for like 2 seconds!!

Idiots, anyway, here’s my video rant. Please like and subscribe at:

Why I replaced my NestCam with a 1st Gen Arlo System

My brother and I’s ranch is in Covington, Georgia in the boon docks. Comcast nor any other internet service provider can serve us. According to them the closest post is 1,500 ft away which is too far.

Since we’re seldom there security was an issue. We added a gate with an automatic gate opener but as we all know if someone wants to break in, a gate will not stop them. If someone were to break in at least I’d like some video footage. So I decided to subscribe to T-mobiles hotspot of 10g for $40 per month and use a NestCam system which in my opinion is the best out there for recording, reviewing and downloading of events.

My problem is that every month, I would go over my aloud bandwidth and they would throttle me down. I decided to use a first generation 3 camera Arlo System. But their unit needs to be hard wired, with ethernet, and the hotspot does not have that output. I decided to hack the system by using a $16 wifi extender that had an ethernet port. Voila!! It worked and now to see the results.

The pros are that now I have 3 cameras using a fraction of the bandwidth because it only saves 10second videos when triggered by motion. I can always see the live stream but as it turns out it takes a lonnnnnngggg time for it to appear but that’s ok.

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Dumpster Divers

This morning I received a text from my neighbor 3 doors down, lol, telling me that someone had pushed over our trash bins and made a mess.

I quickly jumped into action to see what I could see on my NestCam system and sure enough, 2 guys come down the street around 3:30am and go through all of our trash bins. Knocking them over and sift through them and leaving a mess for us to clean them up.

So stupid, I mean, if they were hungry, I suppose I’d understand but wouldn’t you go to a commercial dumpster of a restaurant to get grub? Idk, maybe they were looking for paperwork that we had thrown away to steal our identities. Hmmmm….

Here is the video footage of the action sped up 2x and 20x. You can’t really make out their faces but you could see what they were wearing, the time they hit our houses and the direction they came and went.

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Home Depot Gift Card Action

Every year my friends and family claim that I am the hardest person to shop for. I understand what they mean and every year I tell them to get me a gift card to Home Depot. I love going there and walking around. I can always find something I need.

This year I happily went to Home Depot with my gift card and bout 15 12×12 pewter pavers for my back yard, a black and yellow storage bin and a small bag of potting soil and still had $12 left over!!

Should I have told them to get me 15 pavers easily weighing in at 15-20lbs each? I could barely manuver the shopping cart with all that weight. Let alone transferring them in to the truck then unloading them and placing them where I needed them to go. How crazy would if be if next year I just tell them, “hmmm, you can get me 15 20lb pavers, deliver and install them at my house. It only costs $23”. That would give me a chuckle. I may do that next year.

Anyway, here is the video I made of my trek to Home Depot and a final install of the pavers.

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