Desjoyaux Pools

The Facts:

  • Pool details: 10′ x 20′ (5′ deep) heated salt water pool with stone coping edge and Brazilian IPE wood deck no automatic cover
  • Total Cost: $63,000 (Pool: $40,200 + Deck: $22,800)
  • Palm trees: $2,600
  • Power Bill went up about $50 per month
  • Gas Bill went up, obviously, during the times I’ve used the heater but I cannot put a number to it.
  • Pool service averages about: $270 / month (cleaning, vacuuming, chemicals and salt)
  • Time: 16 month (2/26/16 to 6/30/17). Could have been quicker if I didn’t wait 8 months to decide to go through the NPU process. About 6 months once getting permitted and deck construction.
  • Overall I am extremely happy with adding a pool to my home for my family ‘s enjoyment. It is an a large investment that you may or may not be able to get back if you sold your home.

The system is different from a traditional pool because it has a central filtration system and molded concrete “bowl” with a thick membrane. Supposedly their systems is more energy efficient.

Started this project when I decided that I was going to make East Lake my permanent home. When I bought the house I made sure the back yard was big enough if I ever wanted to add a pool.

I decided to “pool” (pun intended) the trigger and began to call pool companies to get a quote. Unfortunately, most of them did not want work or quote because I was located in City of Atlanta / Dekalb County. The only company that would do the job was Ronald Knelson with Desjoaux Pools, they have a nice show room in Alpharetta.

One of the challenges was that I needed a special exemption (Desjoyaux said variance but that was not correct) because the pool was going to be to the side of the [back] of the house instead of directly behind the house. The rules are you need a “structure”, 4 walls and a roof, between the street and your “recreational structure”. But the work around is to acquire a Special Exemption. Desjoyauux would prepare the paperwork but I would have to do the leg work. If the pool was to be build directly behind the house I would not have needed a special exemption.

The other hurdle was the Deck, I did not include a concrete deck because I was concerned with the City’s standard of permeable surface (allowing rain water to filter into the ground) was going to be a problem. So I decided to go with a wood deck. The problem is I already have a deck that is constructed from Brazilian wood, which is more expensive. In an effort to keep continuity I was forced to use the same material to surround the pool. I could have gone with grass, which looks great, but I didn’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of maintenance. Finding a deck contractor was very hard because they get busy and coordinating them and the pool was a challenge.

Received the quote on 02/26/16 but started the Application for Board of Zoning Adjustment Variances & Special Exemption (link) process on 10/5/16 basically scheduling a hearing with the NPU. I decided to strengthen my case by getting permission from my neighbors and my neighborhood association even though they held no bearing on the NPU boards decision but it was good to have their consent.

On 11/15/16 I received approval from the NPU, Desjoyaux was able to proceed with the permitting process but was not able to start until January 27, 2017 and completed the project on June 30, 2017.

They were very professional and began work. They had some delays due to rain but they began excavating. This is the only hiccup, they did not haul away enough dirt so they had to come back later so the deck had enough spacer ventilation. As mentioned earlier, it was hard to get a deck contractor to work with the timeline but all in all we were able to get it done.

Ceramic Coating

Now that my 1968 Camaro RS has been LS swapped and updated it’s time to give the exterior some TLC.

The paint is not too bad, but it has a lot of swirlies, chips, and a nasty stain on the hood from when the car may have been stored underneath another on a lift.

I went to the July 2019 Caffeine and Octane at Perimeter Mall and met 2 guys, John and Sean. John has a awesome 72 Red and Black Chevelle while Sean has a gorgeous 67 Black Buick. The Buick is ceramic waxed while the Chevelle is ceramic coated.

Check out the rest of my review and experience on the YouTube video below.

Theragun Review

When I first saw this device, I thought it was brilliant. What a great recovery tool!! I have used foam rollers, car buffers, selfie massagers, etc. Then I saw the price! Holy Cow!! I thought to myself that is so expensive!! $600 US!!

Then I thought, surely someone has come up with some attachments to a jig saw, but those were in the $50 – $75 range and I thought… no way!!

I decided to see if I could find one used. So I went to FaceBook Marketplace and voila!! Found one for about $300. I was so excited and arranged to buy it. The guy selling it was a CrossFitter who thought he had a tendon issue on his foot. He discovered it was a bone issue that the massager could not fix so he decided to sell it.

When I met him, we chatted for a minute, then right before we made the transaction he dropped a bomb on me that I should have not overlooked. The NOISE level. It is loud!!! I was so excited that I went ahead and completed the transaction and ignored his disclosure.

Came home and started to use it on my hamstring and inside the house it felt like the loudest power tool ever!!! BUT…. it worked. It felt good in the area I was using it. I had bought the attachment to my Ryobi Jig Saw but it was too heavy and extremely harsh.

Now there’s tons of ads for this type of device and they all boast it is quieter. Theragun also has a quieter model available.

If you find a used one under $200 it’s worth overlooking the noise level. Otherwise, hold out for a quieter model and do your research before you buy. Caveat emptor!!

Here is a video of my review

Backdrop fail

Always like how the backdrop is white or black sometimes green screen on the you tubers videos and thought I would look to Amazon for a solution. I found one but it was very expensive. It’s the Fovitec – 1x 5’x6.5′ Black/White Double-Sided Pop-Out Muslin Backdrop – [Collapsible Background][Matte Finish][Bag Included][Spring Loop Design]

It’s a near thing to have IF you have the room. I quickly found out I do not so I am going to return it.

My solution was buying a tension rod from Target for about $9 and using a black sheet and some clips I had from Home Depot.

Amazon Apple Watch 2 Pack Screen Protectors

Amazon [2-Pack] Apple Watch Series Screen Protector

Life Savers!!!! Avoid the unwanted expense of getting your screen replaced from accidental damage on any device. Amazon sells screen protectors from $5 to $20 depending on the device size and type/style of protector you want. Very simple to apply. Comes with everything you need from 2 screen protectors, a wiping cloth, lint stickers and instructions.

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi – The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

Today I am reviewing a great little portable sheet fed (8.5×14) scanner, the Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi – The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery. This scanner is awesome because:

  • It’s battery powered (up to 4,000 scans on a single charge)
  • Wifi Capable but not necessary to scan
  • No computer needed (all scans are stored on a provided sd card)
  • Portable and fast

I’ve tried other portable stand alone sd sheet fed scanners but they only scanned in jpg. This one give you the option of saving scans in jpg or pdf. Scanner works with computer (pc or Mac), iOS (iPhone or iPad) or any android devices.

If you’re looking for a stand alone, small and portable scanner to digitize documents, receipts or photos. This is the one!!

See YouTube review below.


North Shore Classics Horrible Experience

SUMMARY: The following experience was a classic used car salesman tactic of promising things just to make the sale. Car was delivered 7 months and 22 days after they got their money and it still had major issues and serious evidence of “putting lipstick on a pig” (a rhetorical term generally used in reference to someone who’s trying to make cosmetic or superficial changes on himself that clearly doesn’t deceive anyone)

February 1, 2017 – Discovered the car in eBay for $31,500

Decided to contact them directly to see of we can work things out. Spoke to Kevin Fielder. Gave them a $500 deposit to hold the car.

February 6, 2017 – Monday flew up and rented a car and drove to see the car. When I arrived we test drove the car. It ran out of gas, Kevin called someone to bring gas. Discussed options, upgrades, and items to complete restoration:

  • AC Heating: $3,500 (done but didn’t work when delivered)
  • Upgraded Radio (the cheapest radio they could find. It would constantly scan frequencies)
  • Horn (They didn’t fix)
  • Speedometer
  • Tire rubbing (They didn’t fix)
  • Rattle (They didn’t fix)
  • Brakes (They didn’t fix)
  • Steering wheel (They didn’t fix)
  • Headlight motors (completed)
  • Wipers (completed)
  • Seat belts (completed)
  • Rear view mirror (completed)
  • Alignment (who knows, probably not)
  • Window tinting (this was not included and I would pay for it) (they never got back to me)

Agreed upon $37,000 plus $1,000 for car transport

March 3, 2017 – Called Kevin to confirm they had the vehicle and price

Wired them the money then they completely stopped communicating with me on when I can expect the car to be done and shipped. Resorted to sending emails and faxes on the following dates:

  1. Email on 03/03/17 @ 11:07am – no response
  2. Email on 03/13/17 @ 12:03pm – no response
  3. Email on 03/29/17 @ 7:49am – no response
  4. Email on 04/11/17 @ 7:28am – no response
  5. Faxed on 04/11/17 @ 10:58am – no response
  6. Faxed on 04/11/17 @ 3:41pm – no response
  7. Email on 04/11/17 @ 4:29am – no response
  8. Email on 04/20/17 @ 11:03am – no response
  9. Faxed on 04/20/17 @ 12:00pm – no response
  10. Faxed on 04/21/17 @ 6:55am – no response
  11. Email on 04/21/17 @ 8:42am. Kevin Fielder responded @ 10:58am
  12. Email on 04/25/17 @ 10:43am – no response
  13. Faxed on 04/25/17 @ 1:22pm – no response
  14. Faxed on 04/26/17 @ 8:05am – no response
  15. Faxed on 04/26/17 @ 8:07am – no response
  16. Email on 04/26/17 @ 9:15am – no response
  17. Faxed on 04/26/17 @ 6:16pm – no response
  18. Email on 04/27/17 @ 9:07am. Tom Benick responded @ 11:12am
  19. Faxed on 04/27/17 @ 10:09am

There were number phone calls that I made between the dates above

Had to get a local attorney involved, James Divella, to help me get North Shore Classics to move.

Supposedly when they worked on the car

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 (236days or 7 months 22 days later)

Camaro was finally delivered. So excited, drove it around the block and filled up with gas.

Car stalled on the way home on 85 and had to be towed home.

Found a local guy, Miles Barber, to work on the car to get it in running condition but failed… more on that below.

So many things wrong with the car when it was delivered. I certainly did not get what I paid for.

Things that Miles Barber found and had to repair to get it half way decent/running.

  1. Found that some of the spark plug connectors were loose which caused the car to randomly stall.
  2. Replaced the distributor
  3. New rotor, new wires and heat shields.
  4. Crank shield has damaged the harmonic balancer.
  5. Engine needed a PCV valve (serious blow by which probably caused the seal issue)
  6. Engine had bad wrist pin. You can hear it knocking when you adjust the idle down really low. (also probably caused by not having a pcv valve set up and the blow by)
  7. Wrist pin would be a complete engine rebuild. Drive it until it needs rod bearings
  8. The timing was set wrong so the wires don’t fit right. Reset timing. Very sloppy work from NSC
  9. New carb (the one they put in was an old piece of junk)
  10. Accelerator sticking
  11. New wire harness. NSC chopped things up and had the starter remote wire run to the distributor hot lead. Had to cut the run temp wires to get it to the shop.
  12. It had an oil leak
  13. Had to put a switch in to make the back up lights work.
  14. Installed a parking brake
  15. Rewired the ac directly into the main harness, it was wired into the fron of the suffuse box.
  16. Installed courtesy lights under the dash and dome light
  17. Installed a different alternator because the one that was in there is externally regulated and the new harness doesn’t support that because they are low amperage and not enough to handle any aftermarket add on features, ac, etc.
  18. They used a small black alternator bracket that they bent and fabricated to hold the alternator. The new alternator is tearing up the belts. Had to put the old brackets back on
  19. AC hoses had to be remade. Evidence again they did not do this car correctly
  20. Had to run new fuel line

From Miles Barber:

Text conversation between Miles and I: