Backdrop fail

Always like how the backdrop is white or black sometimes green screen on the you tubers videos and thought I would look to Amazon for a solution. I found one but it was very expensive. It’s the Fovitec – 1x 5’x6.5′ Black/White Double-Sided Pop-Out Muslin Backdrop – [Collapsible Background][Matte Finish][Bag Included][Spring Loop Design]

It’s a near thing to have IF you have the room. I quickly found out I do not so I am going to return it.

My solution was buying a tension rod from Target for about $9 and using a black sheet and some clips I had from Home Depot.

Amazon Apple Watch 2 Pack Screen Protectors

Amazon [2-Pack] Apple Watch Series Screen Protector

Life Savers!!!! Avoid the unwanted expense of getting your screen replaced from accidental damage on any device. Amazon sells screen protectors from $5 to $20 depending on the device size and type/style of protector you want. Very simple to apply. Comes with everything you need from 2 screen protectors, a wiping cloth, lint stickers and instructions.

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi – The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery

Today I am reviewing a great little portable sheet fed (8.5×14) scanner, the Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi – The Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner with Rechargeable Battery. This scanner is awesome because:

  • It’s battery powered (up to 4,000 scans on a single charge)
  • Wifi Capable but not necessary to scan
  • No computer needed (all scans are stored on a provided sd card)
  • Portable and fast

I’ve tried other portable stand alone sd sheet fed scanners but they only scanned in jpg. This one give you the option of saving scans in jpg or pdf. Scanner works with computer (pc or Mac), iOS (iPhone or iPad) or any android devices.

If you’re looking for a stand alone, small and portable scanner to digitize documents, receipts or photos. This is the one!!

See YouTube review below.


Save 10% at Big Peach Running Co.

This weekend, at Three’s Company, I noticed most of the Elite’s were wearing Inov-8 shoes and for good reason. Regular running shoes have a higher heal. Inov-8 has the lowest heal height which makes it ideal for CrossFit as well as a very good running shoe.

I searched on the internet and went to the Big Peach Running Company in the Kroger Shopping center near the Brookhaven Marta station who is an authorized retailer for Inov-8.

I spoke to Jared Carson, the store manager and he hooked me up with my new CrossFit shoes.

I tried them on and noticed immediately a huge difference with the heal. They are also extremely lightweight. I bought the model 230 because they were out of the 195. The difference is 1mm.

The 195 is the way to go. I may exchange them when they get some in stock. Apparently New Balance also has a great low heal shoe for CrossFit.

These shoes were regular price $114 but paid $101 with the discount.

Mention “CrossFit” and receive 10% off your purchase.

I can’t wait to try out my new shoes at the next W.O.D.

Walther PPK/S – a much needed cleaning

Now that I have my weapons permit I decided to go to the gun range with a good friend of mine. I took my Walther PPK/S and let her loose. It’s a 9mm .380 cal killing machine.

At the range it jammed on me several times for which I remembered I never cleaned and oiled it. I went to S.P.D. in Smyrna where I bought a Classic Universal Cleaning Kit.

I don’t know much about the Walther so I decided to get the aid of good ol’ YouTube. I found a video that gave me specific instructions on how to disassemble and what parts needed to be oiled and cleaned.

I was a bit nervous but once I broke it apart it became easy and fun. The kit was a huge help because it had everything I needed from Gun Oil, rods, patches, a brush and a soft rag.

Disassembled and mid-way through cleaning

Spent a lot of time cleaning and oiling all the nooks and crannies

Now my baby is well cleaned and lubricated and ready to fire.

Wanna know more about this fine firearm?

Ray Ban Aviators

I decided to splurge on myself and buy some nice aviator sun glasses by Ray Ban. Little did I know how freakin expensive these babies are. I even got suckered in to buying a limited edition.

Nevertheless, I really like them. They are light weight and trendy. I have no clue if I look good in them – lol.

I like the gun metal to match my watch

I love spandex

This morning, I went to Target thinking they had these but nope. So I went to Dick’s and found some I liked. I bought about $140 (Nike – Black, White, and Gray and 2 black ree-boks that were on sale) worth of these. I used them today and I love ’em!!!!! I am all about function and I must admit it feels a little cool to wear them.