El Taco Veloz – Buford Hwy

Had lunch at one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall places in Atlanta. El taco Veloz #1 located off of Buford Hwy and Shallowford Road. I usually have a burrito of carne asada, onions, and cilantro but I decided to include their carnita tacos and a large horchata.

This place hasn’t changed at all since it opened some 20 plus years ago. I can’t even remember what it was before El Taco Veloz. It does have a drive thru and only outside patio seating. The tabels are old picnic tables with 12×12 tiles serving as table top. Nevertheless, I don’t go there for their appearance. The food is good if you want real traditional basic Mexican food.

Appearance: ★★☆☆☆

Food Quality: ★★★★☆


Price: ★★★☆☆

Overall: ★★★★☆