1991 HMMWV

This is a review of my journey with an ex military M998. I hope this review will help people to avoid potential problems. Enjoy!!!

On May 8, 2017 I bought a 1991 AM General HMMWV 998 from Craigslist in Villa Rica for about $14,400

Of course, I wanted the creature comforts of today’s technology so I found Custom Combat Trucks in Mt. Airy, Georgia. So on May 15, 2017 I dropped her off to have some work done. Little did I know all the work would be cosmetic and later the mechanical problems began to pile up. Much of the work flaws came from poor workmanship and poor quality control.

Here’s what I had done:

  1. Speedliner and paint: Black $3,100
  2. Red Dot AC System: $5,500
  3. Hard Top: $5,550
  4. Hard X Doors: $3,000
  5. Interior upgrade: Radio, carpet, 12v accessory plug ins, bream leather racing sears (iPad cradle): $4,550
  6. New Gauges: $400
  7. Snorkle: $225
  8. Keyed Ignition: $125
  9. Locking Door Handles: $225
  10. 4 speed transmission: $4,500
  11. LED Headlights, signals, markers and tail lights: $700
  12. Rear rack and tire carrier: $1,700
  13. 5 Mayhem Wheels and tires $1,200
  14. D Ring Brush Guard

After 282 days my truck was delivered, sigh….

Then the nightmares began!!!

  • Bolts rusitng
  • Exhaust rust
  • Turn signals didn’t work
  • AC bracket