Days Gone Game Play

In an effort to have more content on my YouTube Channel I decided to add Gameplay with Post Commentary.

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On this episode, I chose Days Gone, a game I have completed at least 3 times and at the end of the story you’re tasked to go around and clear up zombie hordes.

This is one of the best updates from Days Gone. You can reset the Zombie and Ambush Camp tasks so you can do them over and over again. Now all the game needs to be able to do is to redo the story but with all your acquired guns. Hopefully, they’ll listen.

Track Day at Little Talladega

I grew up on riding dirt bikes and eventually owning a lot of street bikes. Currently I have a 2011 Ducati Monster which I think I’ve only taken out a couple of times this year. Anyway, I used to own a 2005 CBR 1000 RR and I got with my friend, Sung Kong and Dre, who got me to go with them to a track in Alabama. Little Talladega!!!

We left very early in the morning from Atlanta and set up a little spot. Took the mandatory classes, got my bike track ready with slicks, secured as many bolts, and taped up all the glass.

It was AWESOME!! So much better than riding in the mountains or on the street. I got to open her up on the straight aways and lean her over as much as possible. Still not a knee scraper. Looking back at these pictures makes me want to go back.