Atlanta Porsche Enthusiasts

Mark Lamarsh has created a Face Book group of Porsche owners/enthusiasts and had his first mountain drive this weekend. Small circle of Porsche owners but it was good to see old friends and meet new ones. I took my 2013 991.1.

We met at Perimeter Mall and caravanned on 400 North and met at the usual Chevron on S Chestatee then went to Suches.

MDGA then Wolf Mt Vinyard

Mountain Drives Georgia is a group led by Travis, Tyler, and Cameron dedicated to provide a safe group outing for drivers with any car model.

They alternate between Saturday and Sunday Mountain Drives. They are very well organized and encourage/sell/provide radios so drivers can know when there is a safety issue or be alerted to the next turn, etc.

Prior to the rider Seyhan had invited a small group of us to go to Trip Campbell’s luxury garage man cave located across from Road Atlanta. There I met, by coincidence, TJ Vogt, Vice President of Caffeine and Octane. Caffeine and Octane is the largest car gathering meeting the first Sunday of every Month at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta/Sandy Springs, Georgia.

The purpose of the watch party was to look at the first episode of Sam Low Car Show that was filmed at Trip’s man cave/garage airing on Motor Trend

Seyhan, Sean, Alex and I decided to stay at Trip’s Garage instead of going with the group on their spirited and well organized run.

We left Road Atlanta to have lunch at Wolf Mountain Vinyards where TJ had arranged Karl Boegner to show us his Porsch Collection. Karl’s garage has been showcased on Caffeine and Octane’s TV show airing on NBC SN and interviewed by the Worlds 3rd Porsche Enthusiast Magnus Walker

Mountains Drives Georgia Group

Seyhan introduced to this group. Met Tyler, and admin, at the Quiktrip off 400 at Exit 12b. then met up with the rest of the group at the Chevron, our usual spot.

Tyler sold me a radio for $40 with plenty of accessories. Clutch when riding with a group. Then Cameron, Tyler, and Travis went over the safety protocols as well as the groups.

Stone Mountain Hike

During Quarantine we visited numerous State Parks that were usually a couple of hours away. We left the closest State Park for last, even though we do have a several more further parks to visit.

Stone Mountain is locating 20 minutes from where we live.

Fun Facts

The mountain is the world’s largest single piece of exposed granite. It weighs over a trillion pounds and covers 583 acres. Only about a third of it is visible. It was formed completely underground and has been uncovered over millions of years of erosion. You can see over forty miles from the summit in clear weather.

The carving is the largest bas relief (high relief) sculpture in the world. Robert E. Lee is as tall as a nine-story building. Jefferson Davis‘ thumb is the size of a sofa. Three sculptors worked on the carving. The first and most famous, Gutzon Borglum, went on to create Mt. Rushmore. None of his work remains on Stone Mountain. It was done at a much larger scale than the existing carving.

The quarries had workers from England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Sweden, and Italy. Stone from the quarries was used in construction around the world. It can be found at the Georgia Capital, the U.S. Capital, Fort Knox, and the Panama Canal. Frank Lloyd Wright used it to build the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, one of the few buildings to survive Japan’s 1923 earthquake.

The covered bridge was built in 1892 to cross the North Oconee River in Athens, Georgia.

The Songbird Habitat was the site for the archery and cycling competition for the 1996 Olympics.

The Confederate Yellow Daisy is only found within a sixty-mile radius of Stone Mountain.

The Carillon was built by the Coca-Cola Company for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. Mabel Sharp has been the carillonneur for over thirty years.

The Summit Skyride was used to carry the Olympic Torch to the summit in 1996.

The Lasershow is the longest-running laser show in the world at over thirty years. Its image is five times larger than an IMAX screen.

The Robert E. Lee Riverboat was sunk in Stone Mountain Lake.

The Railroad shop was originally built as a jail.

The Campground is Georgia’s largest with 422 sites.

The Stone Mountain Inn was built with no rooms having windows facing the mountain. It had bidets in many rooms, a rarity in the USA even now.

Angel Wallenda walked a tightrope above the Memorial Lawn in front of the carving in 1991.

Two Suicide Derbys featured a race down the steep side of the mountain and over the unfinished carving at the participant’s own risk in 1934.

East Atlanta Strut

A free one-day extravaganza that showcases the hottest in-town neighborhood in Atlanta. All proceeds from wristband and other event sales are donated back to the East Atlanta neighborhood.

Usually it’s a big neighborhood parade hosted locally for families, businesses, and clubs to come together. Here is their website link.

This year they asked for some old classic cars to drive around bring the parade to the neighbors because of the pandemic

My friend, Lawrence, led the convoy and his daughter shot this awesome video.