Theragun Review

When I first saw this device, I thought it was brilliant. What a great recovery tool!! I have used foam rollers, car buffers, selfie massagers, etc. Then I saw the price! Holy Cow!! I thought to myself that is so expensive!! $600 US!!

Then I thought, surely someone has come up with some attachments to a jig saw, but those were in the $50 – $75 range and I thought… no way!!

I decided to see if I could find one used. So I went to FaceBook Marketplace and voila!! Found one for about $300. I was so excited and arranged to buy it. The guy selling it was a CrossFitter who thought he had a tendon issue on his foot. He discovered it was a bone issue that the massager could not fix so he decided to sell it.

When I met him, we chatted for a minute, then right before we made the transaction he dropped a bomb on me that I should have not overlooked. The NOISE level. It is loud!!! I was so excited that I went ahead and completed the transaction and ignored his disclosure.

Came home and started to use it on my hamstring and inside the house it felt like the loudest power tool ever!!! BUT…. it worked. It felt good in the area I was using it. I had bought the attachment to my Ryobi Jig Saw but it was too heavy and extremely harsh.

Now there’s tons of ads for this type of device and they all boast it is quieter. Theragun also has a quieter model available.

If you find a used one under $200 it’s worth overlooking the noise level. Otherwise, hold out for a quieter model and do your research before you buy. Caveat emptor!!

Here is a video of my review

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