How Many Watts does an 8000btu Window AC Pull?

Thank you for visiting. Below is the YouTube clip along with details and links to the items seen in the video in case you’d like to purchase them.

I installed a GE Window Air Conditioner 8000 BTU in my camper van and wanted to know how many watts did it pull. I connected an Electric Usage Monitor between the outlet at my camper van to measure how many watts it pulled along with a hi and a low and let it run for 18min.

I did have a 12 Volt Refrigerator pulling 14 watts during this test. I ran the AC for 18 minutes which resulted in:

  • Kwh: .209 Kwh
  • Volts: 117.3
  • Amps: 6.752
  • Low Watts Recorded: 14.1
  • High Watts Recorded: 786.0
GE Window Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, Wi-Fi Enabled, Energy-Efficient Cooling for Medium Rooms, 8K BTU Window AC Unit with Easy Install Kit, Control Using Remote or Smartphone App
kuman KW48 Electricity Usage Monitor Plug Power Watt Voltage Amps Meter with Digital LCD, Overload Protection and 7 Display Modes for Energy Saving (Backlight), white

Equipment used in the video:

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