Why I replaced my NestCam with a 1st Gen Arlo System

My brother and I’s ranch is in Covington, Georgia in the boon docks. Comcast nor any other internet service provider can serve us. According to them the closest post is 1,500 ft away which is too far.

Since we’re seldom there security was an issue. We added a gate with an automatic gate opener but as we all know if someone wants to break in, a gate will not stop them. If someone were to break in at least I’d like some video footage. So I decided to subscribe to T-mobiles hotspot of 10g for $40 per month and use a NestCam system which in my opinion is the best out there for recording, reviewing and downloading of events.

My problem is that every month, I would go over my aloud bandwidth and they would throttle me down. I decided to use a first generation 3 camera Arlo System. But their unit needs to be hard wired, with ethernet, and the hotspot does not have that output. I decided to hack the system by using a $16 wifi extender that had an ethernet port. Voila!! It worked and now to see the results.

The pros are that now I have 3 cameras using a fraction of the bandwidth because it only saves 10second videos when triggered by motion. I can always see the live stream but as it turns out it takes a lonnnnnngggg time for it to appear but that’s ok.

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Dumpster Divers

This morning I received a text from my neighbor 3 doors down, lol, telling me that someone had pushed over our trash bins and made a mess.

I quickly jumped into action to see what I could see on my NestCam system and sure enough, 2 guys come down the street around 3:30am and go through all of our trash bins. Knocking them over and sift through them and leaving a mess for us to clean them up.

So stupid, I mean, if they were hungry, I suppose I’d understand but wouldn’t you go to a commercial dumpster of a restaurant to get grub? Idk, maybe they were looking for paperwork that we had thrown away to steal our identities. Hmmmm….

Here is the video footage of the action sped up 2x and 20x. You can’t really make out their faces but you could see what they were wearing, the time they hit our houses and the direction they came and went.

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Home Depot Gift Card Action

Every year my friends and family claim that I am the hardest person to shop for. I understand what they mean and every year I tell them to get me a gift card to Home Depot. I love going there and walking around. I can always find something I need.

This year I happily went to Home Depot with my gift card and bout 15 12×12 pewter pavers for my back yard, a black and yellow storage bin and a small bag of potting soil and still had $12 left over!!

Should I have told them to get me 15 pavers easily weighing in at 15-20lbs each? I could barely manuver the shopping cart with all that weight. Let alone transferring them in to the truck then unloading them and placing them where I needed them to go. How crazy would if be if next year I just tell them, “hmmm, you can get me 15 20lb pavers, deliver and install them at my house. It only costs $23”. That would give me a chuckle. I may do that next year.

Anyway, here is the video I made of my trek to Home Depot and a final install of the pavers.

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How to pull/tow a buddy out of the mud

Our family’s ranch in Covington gets pretty muddy when it rains for a long time. Meanwhile, I have 3 Honda Recon’s that needed repair. So I found a guy on Craigslist who’s in Locust Grove that could come up and pick them up and rebuild their carburetors.

He came with an F150 that is 2×4 and probably would have been able to get out by him self but his tires were road tires.

We loaded the ATV’s up and that’s when he got stuck. Luckily, I had a tow strap in my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali that is 4×4.

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Here is a video:

Days Gone Game Play

In an effort to have more content on my YouTube Channel I decided to add Gameplay with Post Commentary.

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On this episode, I chose Days Gone, a game I have completed at least 3 times and at the end of the story you’re tasked to go around and clear up zombie hordes.

This is one of the best updates from Days Gone. You can reset the Zombie and Ambush Camp tasks so you can do them over and over again. Now all the game needs to be able to do is to redo the story but with all your acquired guns. Hopefully, they’ll listen.

DASHCAM Running over 2 Christmas Trees

Traveling from Atlanta to Walnut Grove on New Year’s Eve we were on a two lane back road and I was talking to a buddy when all of a sudden there were 2 Christmas Trees that must have fallen from someone’s truck.

So rude for them not to stop and move them out of harms way. I was about to swerve out of the way but decided to run over them for safety reasons.