HDG WOD 2019-09-04

Took the doggies on their brisk 1 mile walk around the block. Then did the following workout:

3 rounds for time

  • 500m row
  • 10 dumbbell thrusters @ 25lbs ea
  • 10 Russian Kettlebell swings @ 53lbs.
  • 10 Banded tricep extensions

50 cal. Assault Bike Finisher


  • Lululemon Vintage Gray Patterned Metal Vent Top
  • Lululemon Gray 9″ Pace Breakers with liner

HDW 2019-09-02

Did the usual 1 mile with the doggies then a CrossFit style work our in the Home Dungeon Gym.

3 rounds for time:

  • 500m row
  • 10 deadlifts @ 135lbs.
  • 10 bent over row @ 30lbs.
  • 10 Shoulder to overhead @ 30lbs
  • 10 Ring rows palms facing down
  • 10 goblet squats @ 35lbs.

50cal Assualt Bike Finisher

Scalextric ARC One American Classic Set

Recently became obsessed with slot car racing tracks. I went online and I found an old school track by Tyco that I remember playing with as a kid back in the 80’s. I ordered it but when I received it the tires and motors on the little cars have seen better days.

I jumped back on the internet and found a cool set on Scalextric! American Classic edition with 9 pieces of track that can be easily upgraded by adding more track or you can just choose between 9 track configuration using the existing tracks.

Set it up in my pool room and took the following video. I tried to use multiple angles but the race was too quick and I only have iMovie and it is too tedious to try and sync and cut angles. Enjoy!!!

Below are pictures and links from the Scalextric site!