DASHCAM Running over 2 Christmas Trees

Traveling from Atlanta to Walnut Grove on New Year’s Eve we were on a two lane back road and I was talking to a buddy when all of a sudden there were 2 Christmas Trees that must have fallen from someone’s truck.

So rude for them not to stop and move them out of harms way. I was about to swerve out of the way but decided to run over them for safety reasons.

HDW 2019-09-18 and more

Morning started off good. Had a lot of errands to run. Walked Bindi around the 1 mile block. Later that afternoon, we decided to get Publix subs and while waiting at the light on 2nd Ave and Glenwood Ave SE I saw a car speeding around cars crossing through the intersection, hitting the small divider and nearly hitting me and other cars. Luckily my dash cam picked up the incident.

After we ate we walked the doggies around the block (Bindi got a second walk!) came home and did the following gym WOD:

  • 2k row
  • 100 Russian kettle bell swings @53lbs (did 4 sets of 25