Providence Park Canyon

During this Quarantine it provides the opportunity to do some family things together because everyone is slightly. more available. We decided to visit Georgia’s version of the Grand Canyon.

The State Park is about 2 hours away from Atlanta. There was a lot more people than I had anticipated.

We parked and planned our hike.

First, we hiked around the rim then we entered the trails within the Canyon for some fun picture opportunities.

Overall, a great way to spend with family and friends at a unique park

Amicalola Falls Field Trip

Decided to take everyone on a day trip to Amicalola Falls. Everyone came over to spend the night. Woke up early and packed up the Denali and started to make our hour + long trek to Amicalola Falls State Park.

We arrived and entry to the park was only $5. We gathered our things and start on the creek trail which met up tot he base falls. From there we walk up to where the stairs begin. We had taken Bindi, our 80lb Pittie mix but had to carry her up half way the steps. The steps are metal grates which for us is excellent because it provides traction but for the 4 legged friends it’s a bit of a challenge unless they have paw boots.

We stopped half way and Rebecca and I went up 475 stairs to the top then came back down to let the kids go up while we hiked back through the white trail back down to the base of the falls to get the truck and drive back up to the top of the falls.

Overall the park is such a nice place to visit with the family.


San Francisco 2019

So many pictures and so many stories!! Rodriguez Family Vacation July 21 – July 26, 2019

Day 1 – Sunday July 21, 2019

Woke up super early and rode Uber to get to the airport practically 3 hours before our departure. Had a good breakfast then a nice 5 hour flight from Atlanta to San Francisco. Arrived to the San Francisco airport, gathered our luggage, and made out tram ride to the car rental terminal.

Got in our sporty red Dodge Caravan and began our vacation. Since we’re in California out first stop was In-n-Out Burger. Then a nice walk through Golden Gate Park where we had a Naruta race between Dominique and Diego. Walked through the square to the sounds of asian acoustic, symphony performance and the legal smell of Cannabis.

We paid our entrance fee into the Japanese Tea Garden where we some some great plants and flowers along with beautiful landscaping. Once finished we made the hike back to our Caravan to make our trek to our AirBnb in Mills Vally just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We arrived at our temporary home and began to settle in. We had a long flight and busy next could of days

Day 2 – Monday, July 22, 2019

Thanks to Viator for guiding me through some Things to do but these tours were purchased direct from the site.

Angel Islan and Alcatraz Islan Tour

Arrived at Pier 33 bright and early to get a good parking spot. Waited in line to get on the the free to Angel Island Tour. We road in a tram around the island getting some historical facts especially about Immigration Station which is the West Coast version of Ellis Island in New York. After the tour we had lunch at their little cafe and then we headed toward Alcatraz Island.

Once in Alcatraz Island we walked up to the prison where they had a fabulous audio tour that gave history and narration by some former inmates and prison personnel. Speaking of inmates, there was one that had written a book about his experience there. Bex bought a book for her and her mother.

From Pier 33 we walked to Fisherman’s Warfighters where we had some lunch and desert at Ghirardelli Square then head back to Pier 33 to our car just before we saw some sea lions that made their snoozing station on one of the docks.

Day 3 – Tuesday July, 23, 2019

Today was a casual day. Had breakfast at a amazing little spot in Sausalito called Fred’s where they had a famous thick bacon that they happen to share their recipe online. After we went to Lulumen in Union Street then made out way to the curvy part of Lombard Street for some photos! Went to another Lululemon off Grant Street then a quick lunch at Tropisueno. Then headed home for some naps before our fancy dinner night at D’Angelo’s Italian Restaurant.

Day 4 – Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Had a somewhat of a busy day thanks to Viator. I had booked 2 excursions. The first was a San Fran Chinatown walking tour and lunch. We met at Old St. Mary’s Catherdral where Linda was waiting for us. She began with a story on how new arrivals rented 6×3 spaces to sleep in the buildings to save money and eventually families moved on. We visited an herbal healing shop, fortune cookie factory, market, street of secret clubs, temple and then had a full lunch at Oriental Pearl Restaurant.

Afterwards, we drove around to find the Ms. Doubtfire house (we couldn’t find it) then the Full House house. Parked at Presideio Park where we walked across/half way on the Golden Gate bridge then headed to our second excursion, Sunset Sail.

We boarded the sail boat and the temperature had dropped significantly. The captain gave us some jackets and blankets along with some beverages. We sailed part Angel and Alcatraz Island, underneath the Golden Gate Bridge then headed back.

Needless to say, we were very happy to get back to the pier for some hot chocolate to warm us up.

Day 5 – Thursday, July 25, 2019

Muir Woods Day!!! Yay!! Got up bright and early for breakfast at Fred’s!! Then headed to our parking appointment to Muir Woods. We entered the park with amazement and wonder on these magnificent Red Wood trees. They were huge!!! We hiked up to Fern Creek Trail to Camp Eastwood then back down. The trees and scenery was truly a sight to respect and behold.