Amicalola Falls Field Trip

Decided to take everyone on a day trip to Amicalola Falls. Everyone came over to spend the night. Woke up early and packed up the Denali and started to make our hour + long trek to Amicalola Falls State Park.

We arrived and entry to the park was only $5. We gathered our things and start on the creek trail which met up tot he base falls. From there we walk up to where the stairs begin. We had taken Bindi, our 80lb Pittie mix but had to carry her up half way the steps. The steps are metal grates which for us is excellent because it provides traction but for the 4 legged friends it’s a bit of a challenge unless they have paw boots.

We stopped half way and Rebecca and I went up 475 stairs to the top then came back down to let the kids go up while we hiked back through the white trail back down to the base of the falls to get the truck and drive back up to the top of the falls.

Overall the park is such a nice place to visit with the family.


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