Wrong wheels but possibly a project


Was perusing on FaceBook like I always do when I came across some original rims and newly mounted tires for a 1968 Camaro for $750!! But he’s in Kentucky and I am in Atlanta. I messaged him and agreed upon a price. Then I asked about shipping. He said it wasn’t worth the cost but that he was only 5 hours away. I used to make trips from Atlanta to Louisville and it was nearly 8 hours so he must be closer to the border.

Went to the ATM and planned a Thursday to make the road trip. Left at 6:30am and made it back to Cumming, where my car was getting some adjustments to drop off the wheels and tires. To my disappointment the wheels would not fit because I upgraded from drum to disc brakes. UGH!!!


When I left Kentucky, I set Waze to take me to Patriot Rods and Customs shop in Cumming. Waze took me down I75 but then had me going through some back streets for about a hundred miles. While driving on 372/Ball Ground Road and Hwy 20 I came across a 1964 Ford Galaxy sitting on the front lawn with a For Sale sign. I stopped to look at it and it was priced at $5,000 Nego on it. Not a bad find but how was it mechanically. I spoke to the owner and he said they drove it from Birmingham to Ballground with no problem. It only used half a tank.

I have some parts remaining from my Camaro build that may add function. Such as: Electric fan, distributor, gauges. I may offer the $3,500 and have it towed to Jed to see if he can clean things up and make it more reliable. It doesn’t have AC or power breaks but for the money I may pull the trigger.

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