Metal Garage Project

This blog is to go over what I did to add a metal garage workshop to my commercial property.

The video and blog compliment each other.

I am super happy that I contracted everyone myself cutting out the middle mad but there were a couple of things that I could have done better.


Since I wanted to have enough room to have/store at least 4 full size vehicles along with 4 garage bays I figured out that 30′ x 45′ was enough space. See sketch using FloorDesign

On FaceBook there are tons of ads on the Marketplace offering Metal Buildings. I used Universal Metal Buildings from North Carolina.


  • 30′ x 45′ x 12′
  • 3 8′ x 8′ roll up doors
  • 1 10′ x 10′ roll up door
  • 1 36″ x 80″ walk in door
  • Etc… see attached

COST: $14,513.75


They were kind enough to refer me to Jose from Tifton at (229) 326-5550 who pours concrete slabs for them from time to time.

Mistake #1. When I spoke to Jose and told him the size of the building he was confident that we could stick to exactly 30′ x 45′. I should have given myself 1′ of give on each side making it 31′ x 46′.

Mistake #1: I should have had them make it 1/2″ higher than the existing concrete driveway to help with water flow since the grading was slightly sloped.

COST: $7,500 labor and materials ($3,058.56 in concrete)


The delivery and assembly took about 4 weeks from the time the concrete slab was poured. They came in and discovered a couple of problems that they were able to work around.

Problem #1: The slab was not angled properly so there is a gap on one side

Problem #2: The ground was so uneven that they had to cut 8″ off one corner height to make sure it was level

Problem #3: There was 15″ from one point to another diagonally so the structure would be sloped and you can feel it when you’re in it. Not a huge problem.


I contacted my electrician that I had worked with in the past to come in and install a 75w circuit breaker with power drawn from the house and install interior and along with outlets high and next to the roll up door so I could add an automatic opener.

COST: $4,400 (Labor $4,000 Materials $400)

Here is the video to compliment this blog post. Please like, subscribe and click the bell for notifications.


Overhead Door quoted the sale and installation of 4 wall mounted door openers with app at $3,600


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