Comcast Please Service Us!!


My brother and I’s 100acre ranch home was once in the boon docks. The closest place to eat and get groceries was about 10 miles in each direction and the only thing available was a land line.

Lately, the area has seen some growth with new construction both residential and commercial. There is a Waffle House, liquor store Subway, Pizza Hut and a Dollar General to grab groceries and other household items that you would need in a pinch.

We’ve always had DirecTV because nothing else was available. Now that streaming has become a thing the only service I am able to get is through a 10g hot spot that I pay Tmobile $40 per month.

I am now petitioning COmcast/Xfinity to please run a line through our community because its now at least 13 residential properties that want better service. The others have DSL through AT&T.

I’ve mapped out where current service is and where it is needed.

One major problem is if you Google Map our addresses the pin does not match where the actual house it at.

Here is the Google Maps with accurate locations

I’ve contacted Comcast via their website and did get a Service Request started but this was the result:

Then I tried again late last year:

Now I have resorted to talking to my neighbors and getting them on board which allowed me to map things out to let Comcast know that they are missing easily $1,000 per month in new revenue. I have even resorted to mailing them a letter once a week until something happens. I just hope I have the correct address.

* U P D A T E *

I received a response through Twitter and now I have to talk to my neighbors and get them to each call and submit a “Serviceability Request”

* U P D A T E 2020-01-21 *

FEBRUARY 6, 2020

YES!! Received a call from Charles Tim Sean from Comcast at (404) 617-3468 and I spoke to Tim and copied him on this blog post for more information.

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