Ray Ban Aviators

I decided to splurge on myself and buy some nice aviator sun glasses by Ray Ban. Little did I know how freakin expensive these babies are. I even got suckered in to buying a limited edition.

Nevertheless, I really like them. They are light weight and trendy. I have no clue if I look good in them – lol.

I like the gun metal to match my watch

I love spandex

This morning, I went to Target thinking they had these but nope. So I went to Dick’s and found some I liked. I bought about $140 (Nike – Black, White, and Gray and 2 black ree-boks that were on sale) worth of these. I used them today and I love ’em!!!!! I am all about function and I must admit it feels a little cool to wear them.

Useless Expensive Earphones

I purchased a set of Dr. Dre Beats Tour and Lady Gaga Heartbeats from Best Buy thinking it would be cool to own a really nice pair of listening devices. Even though they delivered excellent sound quality they failed miserably in the practical sense when working out. They did not stay in the ear during cardio or any other physical activity.

My final review for this product is that its sad to pay so much for headphones that are not practical for everyday use. I returned them for a full refund.  A simple pair of JVC earphones stay secure in the ear doing any type of activity and deliver very good sound quality. Save your money.

These work excellent and were $9 from Fry’s Electronics