The absolute worst divorce settlement ever

Original Agreement

Settlement Agreement 12/01/2011

  • Child Support $3,575.00
  • Equitable Division $5,623.93 / 67,487.16  (15 years – 2026)
  • Pay Car note (Enclave – Est $900)
  • Car Insurance

Side Agreement

  • Pay 215 Windsor $3,000.83/mo
  • World Point Visa $200 per week
  • CapOne
  • Health Insurance $420.21mo / 5,042.52yr (for family of 6)
  • DirecTV
  • Taxes $8,000yr
  • HOA $670yr
  • Car tag
  • Netflix

Prior to Modification, Total Monthly Obligation: $15,660.97 / $187,931.64yr

08/26/2015 From Laura Melson

  • Windsor Cove sold for $800k with 12,554 in seller paid CC. Closed on 6/22/15.
  • Milton Court sold for $275k with 2,358 in seller paid CC. Closed 7/24/15.

Other notes

  • Nicole profited roughly $18,000 from the refinance of the house
  • Prior to divorce and tax filings I shared 50% of my tax return for a couple of years when there was a refund
  • After divorce and tax filings, she got refunds totaling $7,360.92 for 3 years
  • She kept all the proceeds from the sales of personal items from 215
  • She netted at lease $550,000 from the sale of 215 Windsor Gate Cove

Divorce Rant Part 1

Always use council to represent you!

I made the crucial mistake to not be represented by council during my divorce negotiations and have been paying, literally, for the final outcome ever since and until December 2027.

Gentlemen, under no circumstances should you ever represent yourself. You should always strive to settle with Child Support and possibly Alimony/Spousal Support. Avoid terms such as Equitable Division of Property OR Business Buyout.

Make sure you use and state your income in the appropriate forms and remember, the national average is 20% of gross income. Never go higher than that!

Save 10% at Big Peach Running Co.

This weekend, at Three’s Company, I noticed most of the Elite’s were wearing Inov-8 shoes and for good reason. Regular running shoes have a higher heal. Inov-8 has the lowest heal height which makes it ideal for CrossFit as well as a very good running shoe.

I searched on the internet and went to the Big Peach Running Company in the Kroger Shopping center near the Brookhaven Marta station who is an authorized retailer for Inov-8.

I spoke to Jared Carson, the store manager and he hooked me up with my new CrossFit shoes.

I tried them on and noticed immediately a huge difference with the heal. They are also extremely lightweight. I bought the model 230 because they were out of the 195. The difference is 1mm.

The 195 is the way to go. I may exchange them when they get some in stock. Apparently New Balance also has a great low heal shoe for CrossFit.

These shoes were regular price $114 but paid $101 with the discount.

Mention “CrossFit” and receive 10% off your purchase.

I can’t wait to try out my new shoes at the next W.O.D.

Walther PPK/S – a much needed cleaning

Now that I have my weapons permit I decided to go to the gun range with a good friend of mine. I took my Walther PPK/S and let her loose. It’s a 9mm .380 cal killing machine.

At the range it jammed on me several times for which I remembered I never cleaned and oiled it. I went to S.P.D. in Smyrna where I bought a Classic Universal Cleaning Kit.

I don’t know much about the Walther so I decided to get the aid of good ol’ YouTube. I found a video that gave me specific instructions on how to disassemble and what parts needed to be oiled and cleaned.

I was a bit nervous but once I broke it apart it became easy and fun. The kit was a huge help because it had everything I needed from Gun Oil, rods, patches, a brush and a soft rag.

Disassembled and mid-way through cleaning

Spent a lot of time cleaning and oiling all the nooks and crannies

Now my baby is well cleaned and lubricated and ready to fire.

Wanna know more about this fine firearm?

Ray Ban Aviators

I decided to splurge on myself and buy some nice aviator sun glasses by Ray Ban. Little did I know how freakin expensive these babies are. I even got suckered in to buying a limited edition.

Nevertheless, I really like them. They are light weight and trendy. I have no clue if I look good in them – lol.

I like the gun metal to match my watch

I love spandex

This morning, I went to Target thinking they had these but nope. So I went to Dick’s and found some I liked. I bought about $140 (Nike – Black, White, and Gray and 2 black ree-boks that were on sale) worth of these. I used them today and I love ’em!!!!! I am all about function and I must admit it feels a little cool to wear them.

Verizon and Contracts from hell!!!

A friend of mine read my post about Sirius and gave me his horror story with NO-Customer Service.

He has service with Sprint so he bought a laptop with an enbedded wireless card serviced by Verizon.

Well, he wanted to try the service so he signed up for the trail period. His dumb butt did not cancel it before the 30 days as a matter of fact he allowed it to go delinquent 90 days.

Anyways, he called to try and pay and cancel the service but to his surprised part of the initial signing up he was automatically locked into a 2 year contract with an early termination fee of $165.00. Ouch!!!!

He went back and forth pleading his case. It was his understanding that you would only get locked into a contract if you were given a device. Part of the promotion and logic behind a 2 year contract is to offset the discount (sometimes free) device when you sign up. The device actually costs $400 but they give it to you for $99 with a 2 year contract so they can spread out the balance. You ultimatly pay for the device. The problem is that Verizon (or any other phone service) continues to get paid on the device after 2 years!! What a scam.

He thought because he did not need a device (service only) that he would not be locked into a 2 year contract.

To his surprise, in order to use Verizon’s service he will be locked in a 2 year contract regardless if he provides his own equipment or not.

The moral of the story is – READ YOUR CONTRACT or take advantage of the promotion to get a free or discounted device.