East Lake History


East Lake is a neighborhood on the east side of Atlanta, situated in Dekalb County. It is the easternmost of the 238 neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta. it is home tot he East Lake Golf Club, the site of the PGA’s annual Tour Championship. East Lake is one of Atlanta’s more historic neighborhoods. East Lake is located 4.5 miles (7.2km) from downtown Atlanta. With its 1910 to 1940s bungalows and cottages and its convenience to local eateries, shops, and transit, East Lake has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years.


East Lake is on part of a 19th-century plantation owned by Lt. Col. Robert Augusus Alston, whose home, known as Meadow Nook, was built in 1856 and still stands across from the East Lake Golf Course. It is the second-oldest home in the city of Atlanta. In 1892, the East Lake Land Company was chartered and land was acquired and divided up into lots. A.C. Bruce was president of the East Lake Land Company


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