Almost Car Jacked

I was heading to a 10am appointment but had arrived early. I decided to pull into the next street and catch up on some emails. Before I turned into the street I saw a white male, wearing khakis and a maroon long sleeve shirt. Didn’t think much.

In the video, you’ll notice him walk passed me then turn back. He looped back behind my car and since I was parked my doors were unlocked. Next thing I know he’s opening up my rear passenger door so I pulled off. I chased him into a condo area where I was going to confront him but he took off. I ended the chase then and proceeded to my appointment.

Lesson learned. Be aware of your surroundings and always lock your doors when parked.


Busy day

Today was a busy day in the life of the Rubenator…. lol

Began with the following tasks

  • Plaster Gas to collect receipts from 2016
  • Collect rent check from Freihofer, YAY!!
  • Nearly got car jacked…. I’ll explain in a later post
  • Met the last 2 partners at King Industrial Realty
  • Got a Body fat test done at CrossFit South Cobb, see document below
  • Ate lunch at Waffle House, the usual, 3 eggs scrambled with cheese and a large order of bacon with Diet Coke and Coffee
  • Visiting Jed and Joe a visit at Patriot Rod and Customs to see how my 1968 Camaro is progressing

Walther PPK/S – a much needed cleaning

Now that I have my weapons permit I decided to go to the gun range with a good friend of mine. I took my Walther PPK/S and let her loose. It’s a 9mm .380 cal killing machine.

At the range it jammed on me several times for which I remembered I never cleaned and oiled it. I went to S.P.D. in Smyrna where I bought a Classic Universal Cleaning Kit.

I don’t know much about the Walther so I decided to get the aid of good ol’ YouTube. I found a video that gave me specific instructions on how to disassemble and what parts needed to be oiled and cleaned.

I was a bit nervous but once I broke it apart it became easy and fun. The kit was a huge help because it had everything I needed from Gun Oil, rods, patches, a brush and a soft rag.

Disassembled and mid-way through cleaning

Spent a lot of time cleaning and oiling all the nooks and crannies

Now my baby is well cleaned and lubricated and ready to fire.

Wanna know more about this fine firearm?