Parking Lot Accident

I was leaving a parking lot and noticed a FedEx truck was blocking most of the lot. I decided to back out (there was no other way without doing a 360 in a small space). I slowly backed out then I began to hear the beep from a truck moving backwards and I believe I stopped. Then BOOM! I felt the hit and thought to myself, “How did I not see them?”. I honestly thought I had messed up.

Got out and met the driver. He called his supervisor and I called the police. The police came and luckily he reviewed the video footage and said FedEx was to blame because I was already moving, backing out, then the FedEx truck abruptly moved in reverse.

I am so glad there was video evidence. I really thought I had made a careless mistake. Regardless, we have video proof from their Ring camera and my front facing dash cam with some fancy editing. lol

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