All the cars I’ve had

I have been truly blessed with the means to buy cars to the point that looking back it was so excessive. Regardless, here is my collection of cars that I have owned. Some I have pictures of and some I used pictures from the internet that most resembled what I owned. I began in order of when I owned them then it got to confusing to remember when so the order became random.

My very first car was a 1972 Porsche 914 1.4l. I got it when I was 15. While out one night, a friend of mine, drove it and wrecked it. Took it to Black Forest Porsche that was located on Buford Hwy to repair it. And while I was driving out I got hit on the side and it was totaled. My cousin, Eric, bought it form me and had it customized at a shop in Smyrna, which was an ordeal in itself. I never was able to drive it legally.

1972 Alpha Romeo Gray – this was a fun little car but it lacked the modern comforts such as AC

1988 Alpha Romeo Spider Veloce Red. I owned this in high school and used it for my photography class. Back then we used film with manual cameras and made slides. I won state with this slideshow. The music was My Prerogative by Bobby Brown. I used some slide machine defects/effects to give the first couple of slides some dramatic effects. There’s a video somewhere.

1989 Ford Mustang GT – my cousin and I bought ours at the same time. His was white though. I ended up trading it for the 1982 Porsche 911 SC you see next.

1982 Porsche 911 SC Light Blue – this was the most amazing car I had owned. But it had some mecanical issues and the heating and ac worked minimally. If I drove through a puddle in the rain. The inside would fill up with steam and it sounded like a tractor. I raised my cousins 5.0 mustang and beat it by 5 car lengths. This car was a beast!!!

1988 Nissan Maxima Dark Gray –  I don’t have any pictures of this one. I traded the Porsche for this. I know, sill move but the Maxima had the latest technology and comfort along with the much needed passenger room because I was making sales calls and taking out clients.

Picture from the internet

19XX Cadillac Limo – my brother and I bought this thinking we would do a side hustle. We only had 1 client that we took to and from the airport. it had a lot of little things that needed to be fixed. The day I took a client, the privacy glass stopped working and it was the most awkward ride to the airport. Ugh!!!!

1990 Nissan 300zx 2+2 Black – After I had my sedan fix, I wanted to get back into sports cars. This was my first financed car. The payments were around $500 per month. I loved it. I remember It only had a 222 horsepower and I couldn’t afford the 300hp turbo version which had beaten a base model corvette.

Picture from the internet

19XX Mercedes S420 White – A friend of mine owed a used Mercedes dealer off south Cobb Drive and he was able to get me into the auctions. He only charged me $500 per car that I got. It was very under powered and in less than a year I traded it for the S500 with a bigger V8

Picture from the internet

20XX Mercedes SL500 Gold – I traded my white S420 for this one. I loved the luxury comforts in this car. When you backed up there were little meta posts that would come up from the back to help you navigate it’s large rear end. The doors would automatically close if you didn’t close them hard enough. It had power rear view mirror and the ride was exceptional!!

1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible White – this was when I started having 2 cars. A work sedan and a sports car.

Picture from the internet

2005 Ford Mustang Cobra Black Convertible w light roll bar

Picture from the internet – except it had stock Cobra rims

1989 Porsche 928 S4 Black – this Porsche was amazing!! It had a 5 liter V8 but it was front end heavy which caused the struts to go out. I would buy one of these again if I found one the way I had it. Black with Beige interior. I had put a bazooka speaker in the back.

Picture from the internet

20XX Mercedes S500 Black – This was the latest body style and it had all the luxury from the model before. Again, my friend Macky, Manuel Cantelli, got me into the auction to buy this baby.


20XX Porsche Boxer Black


19XX Porsche 993 Light Blue Convertible – I regret selling this car. I had traded my boxer for it. The boxer was fun but it was very under powered. This was the last air cooled model year and it had paddle shifters with a Tiptronic transmission. The problem with that was this car was meant to be red lined often to clear out carbon from the engine. It had required about $10k worth of engineerings work to get it to drive like it should.

2001 Ford F150 flare side purple – I got into a truck phase and I would a cool one from Thornton Toyota off Thornton Road. I did’nt know anything about trucks and assumed all of them were 4×4. This was was not, ugh.

Picture form the internet – it was purple with tan

20XX Ford F250 – I traded my ugly 4×2 for this bad boy. It was a 250 and the exhaust was perfect. I remember I installed the very first navigation system in this thing. It was used but the screen had an arm you bolted on the floor and it had it’s own cd drive that hid under the seat. I drove it to Hollywood, AL on a sales trip. The bulky off road tires made a lot of road noise but the way it sounded made up for it.

19XX Chevy Suburban Black – when I ditched the minivan

1999 Cadillac Escalade Pewter – bought this through a broker on the super cheap. Basically this is a GMC Denali Cadillac Version.

Picture from the internet

19XX BMW 740IL Blue – I got tired of Mercedes Benz and this was my first BMW. Bought it form the Auction at Red Oak in Georgia. My friend Manuel Cantelli took me to buy it. The new body style had just come out and it was gorgeous!! It had all the luxury features with updated styling!! This was the longer wheel base model that had so much leg room in the back.

2007 GMC Yukon Denali Arctic White –  I truly loved this truck. I put on Rockstar Black Rims and added a KVH Tracvision with DirecTV service. Kept this truck for 6 years. The longest I have ever owned a vehicle.

2007 BMW M6 Black Convertible – this beast had a V10 with 400hp but with a touch of a button it increased to 500hp. Bought it used from a dealer in Chicago and drove it back. This car had some quirks about it that I wasn’t thrilled. Like the lag from punching the throttle and the worst navigation ever. Nevertheless, it was a great ride.


2015 GMC Sierra Black – I always loved trucks, especially ones with a 6″ lift and big Nobby tires. Bought the truck and had Butler tire do the lift and wheels. I wanted to get tan interior but the only option was black. Black looks good but it stains really easy. I did miss the 3rd row seat for when I have the entire family so I broke down and traded it for a 2015 Yukon Denali Black on Black. I tried to find a Arctic White with Tan. Maybe next time.

2012 Toyota Yaris Gray – I bought this little guy to use it as a work car because I was going to TN and KY twice a month. It had great gas mileage. The problem is when it rained the back seat floor would get drenched. I bought it from a used car dealer off Delk road and it had been in a serious accident they did not disclose. I later gave it to Diego for when he got his license. He learned how to parallel park in this little guy. While I had this model, I used it for Uber and had some stories to tell. I only lasted a month in Uber, lol. Back then it was a new service and you couldn’t use your own phone.

2012 Lexus CT200h Black – bought this after I gave Diego the Toyota Yaris to continue my road trips to TN and KY and later gave it to Danielle

2016 Porsche Panamera S Black – I had originally bought a 2010 V8 model S from ALC in Alpharetta and bought the extended warranty. Then I had some engine issues, specifically an issue with one of the cylinders. I took it to the dealer and gave them the warranty and they said it was not covered and they really couldn’t figure out what was causing the cylinder issue. I was so upset at ALC and the warranty company that I broke down and traded it in for a pre owned certified model. Been happy with it ever since

2015 GMC Denali Black – Really searched for an Arctic white with tan interior but all I could find were pearl whites. I do like the classy look it gives off.

1968 Camaro RS Black – my child hood muscle car that I had it updated. You can read more about that here.

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 White – while I was coming back from KY found this gem off the side of a road. I hesitated but it was a good deal and in really great condition.

1991 HMMWV m998 – Bought this bad boy from a guy in Villa Rica who already did the legwork on registering it in Georgia. I then found a company in Mt. Airy, Georgia who updated them. You can read more about that here.

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