Team 6

Mike Dynamics coach Mike Shoenig was the coach today.

Today’s workout has been put together to honor the Navy SEALS’ Team Six. They got the bad guy.


There are 6 tasks.

Task 1: Run 6, 50 yard sprints resting 30 seconds in between.

Task 2: 6 rounds of Cindy

Task 3: 6 Turkish Get Ups (3 each side) 2 Pood/1.5 Pood

Task 4: Using those same Kettlebells or DB’s, 6 single armed overhead squats (6 each side)

Task 5: Using same KB, single armed overhead lunge walk 30 feet in one direction. Switch arms and come back 30 feet. Total of 60 feet

Task 6: 6 Inverted Burpees to handstand push up

Results: 35:16

Notes: We did 6 sets of lunges – when it was only 1 30 feet each arm

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