CrossFit – No Name

Warm Up:  

  • Row


  • Dynamic Stretches


Buy In: 15 mins to find Sumo DL High Pull 1-RM. Record this. You’ll need it another day.


  • 95lb. ✓
  • 135lb. ✓
  • 165lb. ✓
  • 195lb. ✓ (barely made it near clavicle)
  • 215lb. X (only was able to bring it above stomach)

W.O.D. Cash Out: 4 Rounds for Time:


  • 10 Hang Squat Cleans 135/85 – Used 115lbs.
  • 10 Hand Stand Push Ups – GHD Push Ups

Results: 9:01


  • I need to get better at the hand stand push ups.
  • Could have done the 135lbs but I didn’t want it to take me all night to complete the WOD.
  • It was nice to finish under 10min for once. Will push harder next time.
  • Worked on form on my squats and feeling better about them.

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