HDW 2019-10-22

After a break of not working out let alone not posting. Back at it.

1 mile walk around the block with the doggies

Home Dungeon GYM WOD

3 rounds:

  • 500m Row
  • 10 Clean and Jerks @ 75lb
  • 10 Ring Rows Palms Facing Down
  • 10 Goblet Squats @ 35lbs.

50cal. Assualt Bike Finisher

HDW 2019-09-26

Took the doggies out for their morning exercise around the block.

I began my diet on Sunday and have seen progress. Doing the low carb / Atkins style diet. It’s the only system that I can stick to.


3 rounds:

  • 500m Row
  • 10 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches @ 30lbs.
  • 10 Palm Facing Down Ring Rows
  • 10 Alternating Rubber Ring Grip
  • 10 Goblet Squats

50cal. Assualt Bike Finisher


HDW 2019-09-22

Took the doggies for their 1 mile stroll around the block. Ran some errands, came home and ate, took a nap then started watching the Falcons v Colts game.

Did the following WOD:

3 rounds

  • 10 dead lifts @ 135lbs
  • 10 ring rows palms facing down
  • 10 goblet squats @ 35lbs.

50cal. assault bike finisher


  • Heathered Black Lululemon Top
  • Heathered Gray Lululemon Pace Breakers Shorts
  • Calvin Klien Socks
  • Nike Air Max

HDW 2019-09-18 and more

Morning started off good. Had a lot of errands to run. Walked Bindi around the 1 mile block. Later that afternoon, we decided to get Publix subs and while waiting at the light on 2nd Ave and Glenwood Ave SE I saw a car speeding around cars crossing through the intersection, hitting the small divider and nearly hitting me and other cars. Luckily my dash cam picked up the incident.

After we ate we walked the doggies around the block (Bindi got a second walk!) came home and did the following gym WOD:

  • 2k row
  • 100 Russian kettle bell swings @53lbs (did 4 sets of 25